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I used to have an account on MyAnimeList with the same user name, Seijurou, but I decided to leave to the best-matching website (with both anime and manga lists), though I do not like creating many accounts. After much research, I wound up here. Yoroshiku.

As for my infatuation with anime, manga, manhua, manhwa, visual novels, and light novels, it is because I believe they contain some beautiful, heart-warming stories that teach life lessons. Those not watching/reading them are definitely missing out.

What do I do in real life? I am a student. There are some activites I like to do, but I do not really do them, to be honest. Let us just blame it on the lack of resources. Those hobbies are video games, soccer, and martial arts.

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sothis Nov 28, 2011

Righto, delayed, but better late than never i hope? ^_^

First off, welcome to the site. A quick note on DN, I made sure to avoid putting spoilers in the review itself - did you mean the comments? I try to keep up on them and remove any that put spoilers in them (happens quite a bit unfortunately), if there's still some in there I can have another look. Regarding the score, I think I explained why I think it's so low, but I'll wait to discuss further till you see the series ;) (probably doesn't make sense to assume you'd rate something a certain level without doing so!)

On to the feedback - thanks for writing it up. I'll try to address each point:

You're correct that you can't physically say when you started watching something - we just released this new site activity feed a few weeks ago, and each feed item is stored along with the date of when you marked it (or when you added the blog, updated an ep count, etc). Right now the dates just aren't displaying because I don't have a way for users to set their timezone - I figured it would be better to wait a few weeks and release a timezone option, rather than posting the dates in the feed now and having people be confused about why the time  looks wrong :) So yeah, in the near future you'll be able to see when you marked or updated each item.

The entry pages (and homepages, and profiles) are being designed in the next 6 months to be more simplistic and easy to find things - this includes removing the tabs on the entry pages that you currently have to click to see content. Though, the recommendations are just going to get more prominent, not less (reviews, though, will be easier to find regardless). Anime-Planet started out 10 years ago as a recommendation database - it's what we excel at and what we're best known for (other sites, as of a few years ago, now have recommendations too, but we actually moderate ours and they are high quality - and 10 years worth!). Over the years other aspects of the site have become popular too (the list functionality, etc), and part of the purpose of the redesign is to make the recommendations more easily accessible and easier to use.

The captcha is a crappy story and one I'm not thrilled with - basically, one person ruined it for everyone else, and I'm not sure what the best alternative would be (but am always thinking about it). A site user (a legitimate anime fan) decided to start spamming others' profiles, and he was posting 100 messages at a time, one after the other. I'd ban his accounts, he'd come back. I'd ban his IPs, he'd come back. I finally put up the captcha as a way to slow him down, and it worked, he lost interest. Unfortunately even doing something like a timer won't work, because someone could just program a script to fire every [x seconds]. So yeah - something I'd like to make easier in the future, but spammers make it difficult :/

and yes, I do try my best to respond to users ^_^ I'm *always* around (well, in the evenings) in the chat room (linked at the bottom of the site) so that's the easiest way to get in touch. I try to respond to personal prof comments too, but I'm always doing a million things on the site, I'm spacey, and often I forget or am slow. ^_^;; another great place to leave feedback is in the 'feature requsts' section of the forum. I don't necessarily reply to everything in there but I do read it all.

A final thought regarding site improvements/other sites and such, there are definitely some good things that other sites do that we can learn from - and I love hearing about these things, because depending on priority and time, I do try to implement people's 'best of's' that they miss from elsewhere. That being said, we do also try to focus on the things that make Anime-Planet special, and we definitely will never be exactly like other sites out there such as MAL. Sometimes that bothers people (for example, I don't know if we'll ever have clubs), but I hope that people also see the cool stuff we have that other sites don't :) for example, the 10 years' worth of quality recommendations, ability to hate chars, the new integrated site feed, the high quality features (I never release something that's half finished or buggy, and fix bugs quickly), and an overall focus on quality really. For example, unlike every other anime site out there, since day 1 we've only put up information that someone personally writes. Every synopsis is hand written/edited for quality (I write a TON of them myself, especially obscure series), all screens are hand taken, all char descrips are hand written, etc. We do this so users can trust that what they  look up here is good info.

In any event, I'm always up for feedback, good or bad, and do appreciate that you've decided to try out the site. ^_^ I'm always around in chat if you want to chat face to face someday.