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Funny Pets

Apr 30, 2012

Story: I wonder what the appeal is to watching a show that is known to be horrible. Maybe it is because a review intrigues us and we just have to watch the show to see the spectacular dreadfullness that it contains. Such was the case when I decided to take a look at Funny Pets. Then after 12 appalling episodes later, I only had one word to sum up the show:Disturbed. When I found out this show was geared towards family, I could not believe it because if I showed this to a five-year-old, they would run screaming in terror from episode 1. The characters are creepy to look at, laugh maniacally, and partake in events that definitely are not meant for a kid to watch. Other than that aspect, there is hardly a plot, idotic characters, animation that goes beyond the impossible on the lazy scale, and noise that I guess was supposed to be the sound.

The story (if you could call it that) starts with a moon and sun...thing and a girl named Funny and just daily goings on in the household. The tales are episodic as death and violence is promptly forgotten by the next episode. The common theme of each episode is the moon trying to get the girl's attention, but she is too busy babying the sun character or playing with cabbage that has a drawed on face with a marker. Saying she isn't a very bright character is being generous. Then disturbing stuff will ensue that included (but was not limited to) stabbing, breaking an eyeball, and being BURNED ALIVE! Seriously, this show is messed up!

I only gave this section a two because some of the episodes were show surreal and nightmarish that I can't believe anyone thought up the ideas. How many shows can tell you that a sun alien thing has a universe inside their mouth and whatever happens in the mouth universe happens in the real world (this is just one example of the strange episodes). I will now join the ranks of many reviewers before who suvived this despictable show to give a warning. STAY FAR AWAY FROM FUNNY PETS!

Animation: This is some of the worst CGI I have ever seen. Character designs look freaky and would make a great nighttime watch if you and your friends want to plan a horror movie night. Backgrounds are boring, colors are unappealing and looked like they belonged on a badly decorated cake, and designs of the characters outfits were terrible. Well, at least the movement of the animation was consistent.

Sound: That mumbling and grunting noises of the cast was sound? Yeah, there are no actual words in the show, just a bunch of weird sounds and eerie laughter from the moon character. Opening lasted not even a minute and featured a forgettable tune that was played as the ending theme. I can't even remember there being much background music except for this one semi-sad tune that would play in some "serious" scenes. I'll admit, I didn't find it all that bad except after they used it for about the fifth time, it wore out its welcome. Overall, just bad casting all around, but I honestly can't see how that would have made the show much better. Maybe just more tolerable to listen to.

Characters: The only kind of development that existed in this show was for the girl Funny and I mean it in a bad way. As the show progressed, I think she actually got more oblivious to the fact that the moon wanted her attention. I will admit that I felt sort of bad for the moon because he could not catch a break from the lectures and mean attitude from Funny. But my sympathy was little as the moon persisted to creep me out for the entire duration of the show. The moon does not change at all and just keeps pining for attention he will never receive. The sun did not leave as much of an impression and I just considered him a tag-a-long character. There are a few other characters that try to mess up the "goals" of the moon, but they had no personality. At least they gave me some relief from the main cast.

Overal: This show is awful. Awful animation, characters, sound, and story giving it the grand total score of a 1/10. 1 is for the weird premises of the episodes but other than that, the show has nothing good going for it. Well at least it's only one seas--wait, they actually made a second season? This calls for Darth Vadar. Ahem, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

2/10 story
1/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Jawesome May 11, 2012

After you told me how bad funny pets was over and over ... I'm actually kind of curious! But then I saw the picture for the show and changed my mind. I usually don't care much about how the animation looks but even I have my limits! Something has to be completely awful for me not to watch it and now I've actually found an anime I don't want to watch. Great review by the way. Can't wait for the next one (:

Marceus May 1, 2012

I totally forgot that there's a second season to this... I may have to suffer through that sometime.

Now you need to watch Popee The Performer. It's even more nightmarish.