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Ghost Hunt

Apr 28, 2012

Story: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Destination Truth. If any of these shows interest you, then you'll probably enjoy Ghost Hunt. This show is similar to those in that its cases are solved in arcs or one episode. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Case Closed in that the plot is only shown once in awhile and the majority of the show is solving cases. What I liked best about this show was the nature of the ghost cases. Like reviewer Vivafruit said, they kept you guessing and even if you did manage to figure it out, the show would add in a curve ball to change your mind. The cases also had variety, with some being down right nightmare fuel, to more somber tales depending on what kind of ghosts they were dealing with. However, there are major errors with the anime, the most prominent being that it ends without a definite conclusion. I have a feeling that the show was meant to be longer as the anime foreshadows everything, but reveals nothing. This does not effect the enjoyment levels of the show, but it would have been nice not to be left in a confused "that was it?" kind of state after watching.

The plot itself follows the story of Mai Taniyama and her adventures working as a paranormal investigator under her narcissistic boss Kazuya Shibuya also known by Mai's nickname for him "Naru" (based on his narcissitic behavior). The rest of the cast that helps in the cases are a buddist monk, a young catholic priest, a spiritual medium, and a self-proclaimed priestess. Naru's less than social assistant Lin also enters in as well. Each have their own techinques of solving the cases and while they use them repetitively in the show, the powers do get development in the epic department which was a nice added touch to keep the show interesting. However, the characters themselves do not all receive character development and when the others do, its subtle.

Overall, while I was kept on the edge of my seat during the exciting cases, I left the show with the feeling of wanting more. Had the shown been longer and given more time to develop the character's relationships and backgrounds, I think I would have given this section higher than a 7. But the mysteries the gang takes on are more than enough reason to stick with the show.

Animation: The animation was great for this kind of show. Some backgrounds were dark with shades of purple, blue, red, and black to put you in the atmosphere of fear when the ghosts were around. During the daytime settings of the show, the animation was bright and colorful and the backgrounds were well designed. For the characters, I like the fact that their clothes and hair styles matched their personality and were apt to changing. But the characters themselves did look a bit unoriginal. I felt like they could have come out of any other anime out there. Still, the fluid animation, the numerous creepy styles of the ghosts, and the frequent dark backgrounds led me to give this section a high score.

Sound: The background music did heighten the scary feel of the scenes but on their own are unmemorable. The opening was interesting in that there are no lyrics or charcters shown. All you see is dark changing colors and haunting music. The colors also moved to the music as they changed. The dub was pretty good and I only had problems with Mai's voice as it could get annoying. (It is an improvement over her japanese voice though). I do have to give special mention to the side characters' voices as they were done really well and made me connect to them even if they were only present for their specific arc.

Characters: There just wasn't enough time to develop the characters enough. Relationships and back stories are for the most part left out, which leads to the lack of development. However, the characters themselves are interesting to follow. Mai is a kinda annoying but curious protaganist that really wants to help each of her clients. Naru is a cold and detached individual but has his heart in the right place and does show that he cares for his team of investigators. The other characters felt more like protective siblings and while that's not a bad thing, I wish there was more to them. Some forms of development felt like it was going backwards as was character would change and then go back to being the way they were in the next episode. So while these characters had intriguing personalities, there should have been more to there development.

Overall: The creepy and mysterious tone, mostly likable characters, and good animation led me to really enjoy this show. It does have its faults but it is not in any way terrible. Any fan of ghosts, detective shows, or the paranormal should check this show out.

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Labulla Jun 14, 2015

Since i read the 3 reviews above and was like..." What?!", i'm glad i found a good review for this anime, which i have to say is really close to the series and the characters etc, since i like it.

I think the anime was supposed to get a second season,don't know what happened, but the manga is longer and the characters more well-rounded :D

Very nice review!

Jawesome Apr 30, 2012

Good Review! After reading this -long!- detailed review I've decided i want to watch Ghost Hunt and I might just add it to my watching~next~list of anime to watch! So keep reviewing!