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Long Series (31-100 eps)

Series I also have not yet seen or are currently stalled/watching. I add together second seasons to see how many episodes there are however, if the show has spin-offs, I tend to count the animes as separate. Shows I never plan on continuing will not...

Normal Length for Anime (16-30 eps)

These are shows that I have yet to watch or are currently Stalled/Watching. Fate/Zero is a special case because I don't want to watch the original, so it will be a stand alone alongside its second season. Status: 07-Ghost (25 eps), Ayashi no Ceres...

Normal Length for Manga (11-20 volumes)

Series I have not read yet or are stalled/currently reading. A Devil and Her Love Song (13 volumes), Apothecarius Argentum (11 volumes), Bakuman (20 volumes), Bloody Monday (11 volumes), Bokurano (11 volumes), Crimson Hero (20 volumes), Death Note...

Questionable Length Series (? eps)

These are series where I don't know how the length will end up. This is because most of these series are new or have seasons coming soon.

Questionable Manga Length (? volumes)

Series could be on-going or new, so a definite volume set is not there yet.