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Short Manga (10 volumes or less)

These are all series I have not read yet or are currently reading. I'm not including Kingdom Hearts for now due to the several sequels. If I add them up, I might add them later. Absolute Boyfriend (6 volumes), Ai Ore! (5 volumes), Alice in the Country of Clover -Cheshire Cat Waltz (7 volumes), Alice in the Country of Hearts - My Fanatic Rabbit (2 Volumes), Barajou no Kiss (9 volumes), Brain Powered (4 volumes), Cafe Kichijoji de (3 volumes), Candidate for Goddess (5 volumes), Charisma Doll (2 volumes), Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (8 volumes), Comic Party (5 volumes), Countdown 7 Days (4 volumes), Crescent Moon (6 volumes), +C: Sword and Cornett (8 volumes), Dear School Gang Leader (5 volumes), Doubt (4 volumes), Empty Empire (7 volumes), Gatcha Gacha (8 volumes), Ghost Slayers Ayashi (2 volumes), Godchild (8 volumes), Hana to Akuma (10 volumes), Himeyuka & Rozione's Story (1 volume), I am Here (5 volumes), Judge (6 volumes), Legend (10 volumes), Million Tears (2 volumes), Mixed Vegetables (8 volumes), Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (7 volumes), not simple (1 volume), My Girlfriend's a Geek (5 volumes), Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho (3 volumes), Princess Tutu (2 volumes), Sarashi Asobi (2 volumes), Stepping on Roses (9 volumes), Strobe Edge (10 volumes), Tenshi ja Nai!! (8 volumes), The Good Witch of the West (7 volumes), Ultimate Venus (9 volumes), Weiss Side B (6 volumes), Yu-Gi-Oh! R (5 volumes)


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