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Good Luck Girl is Great

19 DEC

Recently, I've been partaking of Funimation's streams and have been watching great animes such as Toriko! After I finished the first 50 episodes (which are the only ones currently in english) I was forced to look around for something with a little less of a name. I stumbled upon Good Luck Girl on the homepage and remember seeing Funimation post about it on their facebook page. So naturally I thought I'd give it a shot.

Pilot Impressions

After watching the first episode I was completely unsure about any of the characters and if I was going to like them. The 2 main characters Ichiko and Momiji have two completely polar personalities and of course it was meant to create all sorts of drama between the them. What really made me uninterested at first was the concept of too much happiness or sucking the happiness away from everyone by being alive. I guess I gotta get this out there before I get into that. Ichiko has a problem where she is unconsiously absorbing happiness energy from everyone around her and Momiji the God of Poverty has come to take all that energy away from her by any-means-necessary. So anyways the concept seemed dull and the Ichiko was way too self absorbed for me to like right away, but that was the secert. I was not supposed to like ichiko at all in the beginning!

Half Way to Finished

I just could not put this anime down! I had to finish it and soon I had all 13 episodes done within the week. I may not have liked Ichiko right away but as the story continued I became fascinated with how she was going to have to deal with her problem of taking away all the happiness from the people she cares about most. It was a brilliant struggle and the show, while rapidly spewing characters, kept new appearances fun and interesting. This show does at times take it self very seriously and then the coin flips and all the best anime cliches and references and tossed at you for the best comedy to date.

I absolutely love that Good Luck Girl pays homage to so many great animes throughout its entirety. Countless references to Dragonball Z, Fist of the North Star, Rosario Vampire and even One Piece all flow perfectly with the comedic situations in each episode. If you are a fan of the comedy/drama mix then this is highly for you. On the other hand if you just really need a good laugh this anime is perfect.

Final Thoughts

One of my biggest problems with comedy animes is that they try way to hard to fill all the cliche roles that most comdey animes have. This anime tosses a bunch of characters at you quickly in the first 3 episodes but none of them are forgettable and each one is so unique from the other! My 2 favorite characters have got to be Bobby, the wondering perverted monk, and Momo-O, an SNM loving Dog Deity that transforms from cute pup to perverted beast man. Yeah, two perverts in this anime, but each one has a different turn on or preference that completely seperates them in taste and personality. Just having either one of these guys on screen meant hilarity would insue.

In conclusion we have a lot of characters that are memorable, fun, and a pleasure to see on screen. Two main characters that push the feeling of true friendship and hold to the main plot firmly. We are treated with excellently placed anime references, and with any anime starting a big breasted lead role, the obligitory bath scene. This anime breaks the fourth wall at times too, pointing out the fact that the lead character is in your class does indeed make your classroom a target for transfer students.


 Obligitory Bath Episode (SPOILERS)

The reason I'm posting about this episode is because it is one of the greatest of anime cliches know to comdedic anime history, along with the obligitory beach episode or at the least the obligitory bathroom scene where the bath is not the episode's focal setting. 

The reason this bath episode stood out to me is that it was not only for the eye candy, but it made several changes to the cliche to make it stick out. Some not completely uncommon. But the biggest and best thing about this episode (I'm not talking about Ichiko's chest) is that the plot continued to advance even in this enviornment. Crazy right? Don't know what I'm talking about? Well the Poverty God, Momiji has a problem with being dirty and Ichiko and her friend Ranmaru decide they are gonna hold Momiji down and scrub off her nastiness. Through this event of scrubing Momiji they actually wash out her Povety God powers and the anime uses this to set up the final episodes to help Ichiko discover her desire to have Momiji return to her normal self. It was very cleaver and worked so well with the characters you would have hardly thought of it at least until the end of the episode when Momiji mentions that her new found "clean-self," or as the show calls her the "Mirror," can work to stop Ichiko from taking happiness energy. Cleaver right?

Beside plot advancement, we have the classic naked men working together to peek at the ladies and all the "I will wash your back for you" moments with the ladies. There is no shortage of boobs here. Ranmaru actually reverses the role of the guy at first and has plans to peek over the wall so she can catch a glimpse of the classroom hottie Keita. She gets worse nose bleeds than Master Roshi! With some of the characters being less than human walls crumble and shatter and of course boy sees girl, making things 'rise' in hilarity as Keita's little brother wonders why he is all hunched over while walking away from the bath house. (Talk about a perma-boner). You have to hand it to the animators for the convenient placement of objects to prevent us from seeing nipples here too. It may be sexually frustrating but the creativity is excellent. 


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