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Now I have netfilx

24 OCT


why did I wait so long to get this?

Ran half way through Full Metal Brotherhood (like everyone else did I'm sure) I love it way more then the other one. It's just more action packed and involves the characters so much better! No real complaints on this end. Except I want to see the rest of it but Netflix doesn't have the other seasons..... why? i'm sure everyone has asked this question in the quest for FMA:Brotherhood fulfilling desires and, just like me, have come up short. Blah. :P

Then I watched some Sgt. Frog.

God why did I bother.

Thats all.

I just finished another good anime; Darker than Black. I love the concept of Contractors and the prices that they must pay. Secret orgz and always fun to watch destroy and be destroyed.  The main character is mysterious and interesting and since Contractors are so original it allows for easy plot twists and surprise action. Like how the main character doesn't have a price to pay for being a Contractor. Altogether, it was fun to watch.

At this moment

I'm watching The Sacred Blacksmith.

I didn't realize how Shojo this was going to be and how bad it really is until a few episodes in. At first the lure you in with the naked breasts of the main protagonist and then toss a freaking shopping episode in the mix. Basically it's gone: Action, Story, bullshit, action, bullshit, bullshit. And I'm sure it goes down from here.

The characters sure suck too. That main bitch with the naked chest I just talked about.  Seemed OK at first, but man her character is shallow. She wants to be cool with a new sword and all, And seriously had the Male lead just given her the damn sword this anime would have been over and we wouldn't be forced to watch this shitfest of character development. Anyways, they keep adding characters and they are all women, which is fine, i suppose, if it were a harem anime, but it's not. I have basically lost track of the story with all the new characters and side shitting. I think it's about trying to stop someone from collecting demon swords or something. Since its a short 13 episode anime I thought I'd just suffer through it, but I don't know how much more I can take.

At 7 episodes in it doesn't even resemble the anime that it started out as. Thought it was going to be cool with swords and stuff, but its actually just shit with swords and stuff.

At least there were boobs.


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