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Hmm, I'm 18 and currently doin a civil engineering course at uni ...  Apart from anime I love my xbox 360 and music, mainly Editors, Bloc Party, The Killers, Boom Boom Satellites, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Presets etc. umm i have a last fm profile if u really want to know more, lol -

 I haven't been into getting fansubbed anime for very long, obviously, though I do love it.  I like mainly sci-fi and thriller stuff, and maybe the odd melodrama, lol, like 5cm per second which was good, especially the artwork which was fantastic.

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n00bl3t says...

From what I have seen, I find it boring as anything.

I have the whole series if you want to continue, but I doubt you will. :D

Sep 3, 2009
n00bl3t says...

Dropped Ergo Proxy?

Is it that bad?

Sep 1, 2009
n00bl3t says...

I am now.

That question mark always bothered me. :P

Aug 16, 2009
n00bl3t says...


I demand you set your gender as male. :P

Seriously though, what are you watching now?

Aug 15, 2009
n00bl3t says...

Well, for one it is the sample signature, which states you have watched over 600 anime. :D

Jul 20, 2009