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Hmm, I'm 18 and currently doin a civil engineering course at uni ...  Apart from anime I love my xbox 360 and music, mainly Editors, Bloc Party, The Killers, Boom Boom Satellites, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Presets etc. umm i have a last fm profile if u really want to know more, lol -


 I haven't been into getting fansubbed anime for very long, obviously, though I do love it.  I like mainly sci-fi and thriller stuff, and maybe the odd melodrama, lol, like 5cm per second which was good, especially the artwork which was fantastic.

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Newcastle, Australia

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October 4, 2008

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June 26, 2012

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n00bl3t avatar n00bl3t


Sep 3, 2009

From what I have seen, I find it boring as anything.

I have the whole series if you want to continue, but I doubt you will. :D

n00bl3t avatar n00bl3t


Sep 1, 2009

Dropped Ergo Proxy?

Is it that bad?

n00bl3t avatar n00bl3t


Aug 16, 2009

I am now.

That question mark always bothered me. :P

n00bl3t avatar n00bl3t


Aug 15, 2009


I demand you set your gender as male. :P

Seriously though, what are you watching now?

n00bl3t avatar n00bl3t

Great Signature!

Jul 20, 2009

Well, for one it is the sample signature, which states you have watched over 600 anime. :D

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