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Aug 24, 2013

I got Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne (Nem-Oh-Sign in case anyone was wondering on the pronunciation of the Greek titaness of memory's name) on a whim while picking up other titles based on the art style and summary.  Unlike other series I have watched it is not a 12 episode story arc series but 6 45ish minute long episodes revolving around the main character, nudity, sex scenes and bondage with some action sequences thrown in.  Needless to say sound the spoiler alarms and avert your eyes if you want to see this show with a unhindered outlook.  By the way this series does demonstrate the old adage of never judging a book (or anime in this case) by its cover.

The Story

The basic summation of the plot is that there is a tree of immortality named Yggdrasill that released glowing spores that every once in a while when they enter the body of a woman will make her into a virtually unkillable immortal and when they enter the body of a man will turn him into a cannibalistic sex crazed winged demon which the show refers to as angels.  Two of these immortality spores landed in a private investigator Rin and her alcoholic lesbian hacker sidekick Mimi who spend their days doing various jobs while avoiding angels and Apos another immortal with a penchant for bondage, torture, carnage and chess.  Basically the series feels like a monster of the week style show with the first 3-4 episodes being only semi-related to the ending of the show.  While some of the episodes have interesting enough mini-plots to be worthy of their own series the show insists on breezing past those elements in favor of the next gimmick to get Rin mostly or totally nude or to force another yuri scene or torture porn worthy bondage scene in.  When the big reveal at the end happens though technically there are three the viewer is left mostly confused as to which rules of this "world" apply at which times and how the creators managed to take a show with virtually no major storyline and still make it feel rushed.  In some ways this show feels like it should have gone all the way down the block to being a full hentai but for whatever reason dialed back on the content to an extent in an attempt at a wider audience.

The Animation

The visuals of this show are the only major highlight of the project as the character art and world creation is very visually appealing.  The action scenes are entertaining and dynamic and depending on your tastes the bondage and sex scenes are well done as well.

The Sound

I have not rewatched the show in Japanese but I will say the English voice acting for Rin and Mimi is very nice and the rest of the cast seems to take their time to deliver their lines in a manner appropriate with the given situation.  The opening song is a take it or leave it matter depending on whether or not the viewer likes heavy metal music.

The Characters

I'm only going to cover the most significant characters in the series that factor into more than one or two episodes.  Again I shall do my best to avoid any spoilers though by now you can already tell I won't be recommending this series.

Rin Asogi - The immortal private investigator who picks up odd jobs to pass the time with her sidekick.  She has very long term distance relationship alluded to throughout the latter half of the series and despite the rules of the story world being that female immortals are unable to resist the cannibalistic sexual allure of the angels she is able to do so when the script finds it convenient.  She does possess a protective nature, analytical mind, moderate combat skills and a back spasm inducing bust size all of which factor into each episode.

Mimi - Rin's sidekick who due to the immortality fruit freezing the person it converts at the point of conversion appears to be in the range of 17-21 years old.  She is an expert hacker who uses her skillset to aide Rin on her various missions before taking up the role of a Buddhist nun later on in the series.  She is very fond of alcohol and sex and adds an uncomfortable element to certain episodes due to some of her exploits (in order to keep it civil I'll just say the show goes into things it most likely should avoid if it wants to be taken seriously and not feel like a unusually seedy porno).

Apos - Rin's quote unquote nemesis throughout the series who is part of two of the three reveals in the show one of which is utterly absurd and more for shock factor than logical progression of the story.  He is not an overly deep adversary with an insatiable interest in torturing women and generally attempts to enact evil schemes that would make straight to video directors embarrassed.

Laura - Apos's henchman and for hire assassin who is routinely sent to kill Rin on Apos's directive.  She seems to only have as much knowledge and personality as plot convenience requires and serves to add to the incompetence level of the antagonists of this series.


As I stated earlier this show should have just given up and joined Bible Black in the realm of hentai with plots rather than trying to be an edgy sexualized male targeted action show when its plot and script were not up to the task.  If it had tried a little harder and perhaps dropped both the torn porn and gratuitous sexual content instead focusing on expanding some of the mini-plots that did have potential.  There are much much better shows in the violent sexualized action genre, go watch one of them instead.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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TheTsundereGirl Dec 15, 2015

Your feelings are my feelings... except with less swearing and banishing the box to the dark depths behind the shelf because I'm too ashamed to have it on show. The other occupants for perspective are Showgirls... yeah, at least Showgirls is inadvertedly hilarious unlike this piece of garbage and the live action Avatar the last Airbender movie (I only keep them for future reviewing).

I'm guessing by your avatar that, like me you brought this Anime based on the idea it would be dark and gorey like Elfen Lied. I found the scenes with the lesbianism, espeacially with Mimi to be cringe worthy and kinda rapey (I'm bi so I'm not creeped out just because its two girls). The whole project comes across like the creators got the green light, realised the story was boring and confussing and decided to do the whole thing NAKED! Other reviews annoy because it feels like people are justifing their spank rank.  

SixShooter Sep 3, 2014

I think you must have been unable to follow the story because there definitely is one. I don't blame you because it is confusing. Perhaps look up the synopsis? You might appreciate the show a bit more.