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Jul 26, 2013

I actually stumbled onto Kuttsukiboshi (aka Stars That Stick Together) via snippets on a popular video sharing site long before my eyes were opened to the awesomeness that is  To be honest while it is not good, I find myself willing to give it a pass in some respects due to it being a single person project, I give its creator props for taking an idea and seeing it through to a tangeable product.  Anyway, on to the review and be well forewarned this will be rife with spoilers, so if you do not want to know the story then you should watch the show first if possible as it is only a total of 40min long between both parts 1 and 2.

-Spoilers From Here On-


While I give the creator credit for making his desire to tell his story in his way come to pass, the story itself leaves very much to be desired.  The exceptionally short form is: Kiiko and Aaya are classmates who develop a sexual relationship during the course of exploring Kiiko's multitude of psychic abilities apparently gained after a car accident that hospitalized her.  Their relationship grows and then becomes shattered when Kiiko stumbles upon Aaya and her brother having an intimate encounter only to be rekindled after Aaya kidnaps and sexually assaults (yes, you read that correctly) Kiiko.  The pair reconcile as Kiiko uses her powers to intercept Aaya on a plane as she is leaving Japan and then teleports them onto the beach of an alien world the live happliy ever after.


For being a one man project the animation is quite good.  Character designs stay consistant and the climax where Kiiko uses her powers to teleport to Aaya on the plane is very well done.


The sound is the sound, it's there it neither adds to nor detracts from what passes for a story.


Kiiko Kawakami - Girl who for some reason that is never explained gains psychic abilities after being involved in a car accident.  The full scope of what her abilities are and under what conditions she is able to utilize them is also not explained and by the end of the show she is basically a pseudo-diety.

Aaya Saito - Girl who starts out documenting the range and capabilities of Kiiko's abilities before revealing her attraction to her classmate.  She also sleeps with her brother to fulfill his dying wish, and then sexually assaults Kiiko until she wins her affections back.

Kota Saito - Aaya's brother and musician.  Is suffering from a terminal brain tumor and his last wish is to have sex with his sister.


Other than the fact that the sky is blue and Aaya and Kiiko are girls, nothing is ever explained and the audience is expected to accept every twist and development with a complete suspension of disbelief.  Also, the hyper sexualization of the two female characters combined with the brother sister love scene and make-up rape in the storage locker leave this anime feeling like a nudity free porno more than a cute romantic short story.  This is not as bad as School Days since it does not feel like the creator has contempt for the audience, but many of the scenes will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and as such I would not recommend this anime to anyone.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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