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Yes, I rewatched School Days

29 SEP

I'm going to do this in blog form opposed to rewriting my review of the anime since I still stand behind everything I said about the vile and offensive nature of the show, that being said upon a second viewing after time has passed and the shock factor has subsided I'm beginning to catch what the show may have been trying to go for.  Does this mean that School Days will crack my top 10 and flowers and dancing bunnies are to follow, absolutely not, it's still a contemptable show filled with reflections of the most hideous elements of high school life with little to no care given to actual consequences or plausibility.  But there is a rarther uncomfortably real subtlety to the show that if greater care had been taken in the writing and execution it may have actually been a passible anti-romance story.

There are things the writers did very wrong in the show, for one thing the "shocker" ending is completely absurd and plays out like the revenge fantasy of a scorned teen who was dumped on prom night.  I also do not buy the decision making processes of half the characters in the show, Kotonoha, Hikari, Kumi, Minami, and Natsumi all make choices at one point or another that would be hard to accept unless they were drunk or otherwise impared, and maybe not even then.  But they did do a few things right mainly Sekai and Otome, and yes I blasted Otome for being an oblivious drama spawner and that may be the only part of the review I would consider altering.

One of the things we turn to romantic anime for is escapism, we want the girl to get the guy or girl, we need that happy resolution and promise of happily ever after because we want to feel good after watching a show not reminded of the harsh and unfair happenings that often plague our day to day existence.  School Days does not give us the happy ending we want instead it too closely echoes the backstabbing, unhappiness and sorrow that we seek to avoid and punches us in the face with it.  It denies us the happy ending we want and instead gives us a story that may be too close to reality to be acceptable, in the end for a majority of us our prince or princess lives only in our fantasies and happily ever after is a greeting card wish.

So in the end School Days may have tried to be too close to reality to be good while also throwing in too many fantastical elements to force fit an absurdist ending.  I would be very interested to see what would happen if the show were to be rebooted from the ground up and done with more attention to detail and character development.  Because, do viewers hate School Days because it's poorly exectuted or because it isn't what we want our entertainment to be?  So, yes, despite the consistant warnings of myself and others within the anime community I am saying you should rewatch School Days and figure out why it is you do or don't like it not why you were told to hate it.  This is asking alot, but it may allow you to view other shows with a different set of eyes.

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