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Deadman Wonderland

Dec 23, 2012

Secret Santa Review

This anime was given to me as a part of the secret santa event, it was the one from the three that I felt looked the most appealing. But after watching 'Deadman Wonderland' I felt quite disappointed. Mainly due to the fact that it seemed to feel as though the anime needed to run with 26 episodes, instead of the unfortunate 12.

Because the anime was so short, it looked as though they had to skip, rush and leave quite a few things out that I felt to be important; things that would have made this anime a lot clearer and far more enjoyable to watch...

Enough of the moaning though, lets run through what I thought this anime had to offer.


The story follows a young boy who seems to be living an average schoolboy life, chilling in the classroom with his friends and whatnot. The standard start to a lot of animes. Then the directors decide to throw in a beautiful curveball, and murder the whole classroom.

I felt this was quite good however, it shocks the auidence (Well it certainly shocked me) in a desperate attempt to get you hooked and find out what the hell is going on... Would be great if they made some sense out of it all by explaining some background to the story; however they thought best to leave that part out. After watching the anime you may understand what I mean...

Quickly moving on and summarising the story - Our hero Ganta is sent to the prison 'Deadman Wonderland' and is forced to participate in life threatening tasks in order to earn currency to survive. Meeting people along the way and discovering his newly found powers. Thus leading onto his means to escape the prison.


Nothing out of the ordinary with the animation for this anime. I can't recall a time where I had to think 'Wow, that looked out of place'. I gave this an 8 because it was never sloppy or anything like that, however nothing really had the 'WOW' factor to give it the 10.


The opening to this anime is pretty damn good. And I love the dramatic battle theme when shit is going down. A lot of things in this anime make nice noises I suppose; there's only so much you can do with sound isn't there really, for the reasons mentioned I have given this anime a 10 in this department.


Ok, this is a tricky one.

Ganta - Our main character, he is one of those where you hate him, then you like him for doing something good, oh but then you hate him again. He has a 'crybaby' attitude which can annoy a lot viewers out there, but then on the other hand he can man up and do exactly what you want him to do.

There's also the important fact that at one moment he isn't very good with his powers (Branch of Sin) for the majority of the anime, then in the last few episodes he suddenly learns how to control it a lot better. This could be due to the limit of episodes once more but I think they could have improved on this.

Shino - The 'Heroine' of this anime I guess you could call her, she's a likeable character however, the directors decided to make her do something quite major to the anime, well pretty much start the anime shall we say and not even explain why. After you watch the anime you will think of this character and think 'Why, what and how?'

The other characters are not really worth mentioning, apart from Crow. Crow turns out to be a likeable character although he doesn't get enough spotlight in my opinion. He's such a badass but doesn't get given the chance to do anything badass. Thanks directors!


'Deadman Wonderland' is a good anime, but if you're somebody who likes a good plot to a story then this is not the anime for you. However, if blood and gore is your thing, with some pretty good action but nothing serious then I definately recommend this anime to you. Then again, I would recommend Elfen Lied for those reasons a whole lot more.

It's a short quick hit, it shouldn't take long to watch with it only being 12 episodes but it doesn't leave a very nice aftertaste. Shortly after watching this anime I had forgotten a lot of it mainly because I didn't enjoy it all that much, if it had been a 26 episode anime to give them chance to develop the characters a lot more and explain the story more, this anime would have been FANTASTIC.

- ScrumpyJunior

4/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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