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paintbynames Mar 3, 2012

Hey there, friend. Thanks for the comment. <3

Cut3PupGrL Feb 9, 2012

The romance in Bakuman isn't quite like Tordora...the romance is really direct whereas in Tordora it took quite a few episode before the romance was pronounced.  There was a marraige proposal made somewhere around the first or second episode.  Bakuman isn't really entirely focused on the romance aspect but more on the fulfilling my dream aspect.

What's your favorite romance series?  Mine is either Romeo x Juliet or kaichou wa maid-sama.  the first was really intense and the second was more comedic 

Cut3PupGrL Feb 7, 2012

add you on skype or A-P? yeah it's prob. 

I'm not really sure what to major in just yet...might plan on doing a nurseing program or something...I'm not all that hype up on attending school for another 10 years so I might get a bacholar degree and be done with it lol...idk if i have the time and money I might try to become a chiropractor or maybe an English professor; i do enjoy reading books :)

Bakuman has a different kind of romance to's less direct and more like an exchange romance where they exchange love letters instead...idk I liked it though.

I also pefer short anime, probably around the 13 episode mark...long anime is really more for adventure shows like dragonball or fullmetal alchemist lol.

Cut3PupGrL Feb 6, 2012

I mostly ignore the news feed and focus more on the's a great tool to use when working on projects with friends though or to just chat...I didn't quite understand the point of the news feed other than to know what mundane things other people are doing.

My life's been pretty swell recently.  I don't have to worry much about school since I've already been accepted to the college of my choice and have all the credits needed to graduate.  Mostly spend my free time watching anime or reading a book.  Fairy Tail is an awesome anime, rated it a five star.  Nisemonogatari is on my list, but I have a long list lol.  Gurren Lagann was a pretty cool show...the mecha kind of throws me off though, otherthan that I really enjoyed it :)

I'm watching several anime at the moment since only a few come on every week...I won't name them all since it's a pretty hefty list but I've really enjoyed Area no Kishi , Mouretsu Pirates, and Chihayafuru so far. Have you've seen Bakuman? it's a really good anime.  It has romance and slice of life, not much adventure's set in a school setting though.  Or Romeo x Juliet? That was a really good anime. it also comes in dub.

Cut3PupGrL Feb 5, 2012

lol...I agree, I didn't notice your comment until a few days later.  I perfer facebook over skype.  Although skype has video, facebook as more distraction :)  How have you been doing? Seen any good anime lately?