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Gundam Wing

30 NOV

Literally forced myself to finish this... I will start by saying that this is an older show so obviously i don't expect amazing animation or anything, but for the most part fights are pretty much the same thing.  They recycle a lot of battle animation and its kind of just the gundams taking on waves of other generic mobile suits.  I think that the part that annoyed me the most was that they were coming out with a new model literally every three episodes.  I mean it just got ridiculous that they could build such vastly superior gundams to what they had been doing in what seems like no time.  The plot got very draggy for me by episode like 27 ish and i really have forced myself through the rest.  It picked up again by the late 30's and to the end but following the motivation for the gundam piolets and trying to figure out who they were actually fighting for was a challenge for me at times.

I've definitely seen better gundam series and significantly better mecha animes so i mean check it out because its somewhat of a classic but not really, and 49 episodes can start to feel like a lot if you are looking for a more intelectual storyline.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5.7/10
  • Animation 5/10
  • Sound 6/10
  • Characters 6.3/10
  • Overall 5/10


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