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What To Watch Vs. What To Put Off


My current viewlist is about to end, so I'm thinking about what shows I want to start putting on my list of what I want to see.

Right now I'm watching "Toriko," "Blue Exorcist," and "Tiger and Bunny."  All three are almost done with their current runs, so I'm looking towards what I can watch next.

A few shows that I haven't finished yet but want to catch up on:

-- One Piece (like I'm ever going to catch up at THIS point, but you gotta have goals)

-- Slayers: Revolution (I kinda stalled on this one, but I'm planning on picking it up again)

-- Baka and Test (I just started watching this one, but stalled so I could finish Sora No Otoshimoro)

Probably once I start catching up on the anime I finish I'll start looking for more shows.  I want to start watching "Blood-C" soon (probably after I finish these shows) and then go down the list I have here and see what I can catch online.


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