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sothis says...

good to hear ^_^ good catch on unicorn/working by the way, I apparantly forgot to add Spring 2010 stuff! XD I blame working nonstop on the new character database ;) (it's all up now, in theory)

Mar 10, 2010
chii says...

yay you made it on over here :D now i can stalk you properly ^__^

Mar 8, 2010
sothis says...

Leaving you a msg here as I can put more than 160 chars XD

Once you initiate the import, itll take a little bit to run. Once you refresh the import list page though you'll see a table with a link to each import you ran. If you click the timestamp, you can filter by the 'failed' link and see which ones didn't import.

Basically if you can take a screenshot of those (or if it's not many), let me know in a prof comment, I can figure out what happened. MAL does sometimes add stuff that we don't consider full on entries.

Mar 8, 2010