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Hello my name is Elliot, though online I'll more favourable like to be known as Sayomi~
I'm 19 years old and have been watching anime for... 6 years roughly.
When I'm not spending my non-existant life watching anime, I'm either watching some live action T.V show forced onto me by my house mate, gaming, reading or sleeping
I'm pretty easy going and always honest, I strive to become anime rep for my local anime and gaming convention, and one day have a pretty vast knowladge of a great precentage of anime :3 

Star sign ~ Virgo/leo~ Born fortunate, charismatic and positive-thinking they manage to survive life's stormy times with style and good humour. They never forgive or forget. They can cut ties, and leave others heartbroken. Great teachers to others, ruled by ego but always protective of those they love. IMMATURE AND UNDEVELOPED, leaders and adventurers, their weakness is PRIDE. Fussy and narrow-minded, confident, successful, structured and creative. Often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful. Virgos are givers and you need a friend, the one available during those testing times when you need advice or companionship the most, is likely to be a Virgo. Virgos understand human frailties better than most, because they are so deep and reflective themselves.


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