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LionheartExcel Jul 27, 2013

I just watched Red Garden. I must say, i really enjoyed it. I really liked the arts style and choice of colors. Despite the good character development and drama, it lacked detail conserning the supernatural stuff and it had unnecessary singing. Instead of 22 episodes it could've used 26... Although it could use improvement, I really liked Red Garden.

LionheartExcel Jul 17, 2013

Konban wa! Kyou wa dou desu ka?

Senshuu no shuumatsu, nani wo suru? 

Senshuu no Doyoubi, tomodachi ni ata. Videogames wo asobimashita

LionheartExcel Jul 12, 2013

So Sayaka, since you say watch classics, which ones do you reccommend? (Besides miyazaki)

jualseta Jul 12, 2013

Saya~ I was just there for a couple weeks vacation. It was brilliant and very foreign. Pretty fun to navigate with maybe 3 mandarin phrases. ^^ I see you're going abroad? 

Hehe yeah, that was my assesment of KnN. And the age gap wasn't creepy for me, but definitely a bit weird when she was back in school. That said, she acted younger than she was. The rain made up for it :P And lol Nerawareta Gakuen. I remember sitting down with not much of an expectation. And then seeing the pretty and being like ooh okay, I'm paying attention. And then slowly losing all interest ._. terribly executed. It could have been pretty cool with the time travel ideas but it was just confusing and frustrating xD

Summer season shows you mentioned...

Free: LOL. So much lol. I liked it ok till the purple hair. Then it just got really crazy. I don't even know what to think of this.

Danganronpa: Omg this was terrible. I have put it out of my memory.

Rozen Maiden: Haven't seen yet. I wasn't a huge fan of the original series. Still worth checking out, you think?

New Monogatari: Eh Hanekawa. Wtf Hitagi. Those are my thoughts so far.

Gin no Saji: Is this out yet? Looks like fun. I'll be trying it whenever it is.

Blood Lad: Haha, idk. It was stupid. I thought it was gonna be good comedy. I don't really like it =(

Hakkenden 2: Really?

Genshiken: Lol the first one kinda creeped me out. Dunno if I'll be watching this.

and Watamote: This was ok. A bit... I don't get why people are obsessed with this? But not bad, really.

Other ones that I like: Servant x Service, which is surprisingly funny! Love Lab... cause it's cute, basically.

Also watching a few more crappy shows cause why not :P

I'm still not caught up on Spring shows! I'll have to get back to you on those ^^ though it's sad, I was actually pretty excited about that season and it didn't deliver all that much.  

HipsterGreen Jul 5, 2013

An international roommate!! :)