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jualseta Feb 20, 2014

Hello waifu~ I think we're having a long distance relationship in the 1700s, during wartime. Letters once a year are something to be thankful for :P This is 70% my fault. *hangs head*

How are you??? How's life? I see Japanese all over your page. Making progress huh? 

Your now watching list makes more sense now. Lots of current stuff! Which sadly, is not that great. 

Last time I tried watching anime, I lasted about 3 weeks and then gave up. I'll continue blaming quality. Everything is so freaking generic these days. Now the question is whether the genericness is because I've seen it all :P or because it really is all crap nowadays. It's probably a combination. I understand that there are only so many ways the limited amount of tropes we humans have access to can be spun, but so much anime these days doesn't even feel like it's trying. I guess I can blame everyone who eats it up anyway. 

I switched to manga for a bit... but manga is INSANE. Have you noticed? There are the solid stories for sure. But then 90% of the rest is a pain to follow, whether because of crappy scanlation, lazy art, or just plain bad writing. And the good stuff only gets updates twice a year ;__; 

Why is this comment so whiny? I have no idea. Maybe because it's almost 4am and I should be sleeping! 

Anyway, anime. Uchouten Kazoku. I remember starting that last season and it was charming? And now I can't remember what happened in the two eps I watched so I'll be starting over with that! I managed to make it through Coppelion because I was watching it with someone. I was actually looking forward to Coppelion, but it fell through so much... all cheese and focusing on crappy villians for too long. Especially disappointing because it had such an amazing setup... post-apocalyptic wastelands are my favourite! 

Oh and I watched the Steins;gate movie... which was meh. Decent. But not much compared to the anime. Can't remember if you even liked that, though? 

Then, idk what it was. Free time? Nagging from people? A childhood weakness for Little Mermaid? Started watching Nagi no Asukara again. It was interesting to begin with because it reminded me of AnoHana (cheeese but complicated relationships are fun mixed in with childhood nostalgia). But then the characters got super whiny and annoying =( I stopped paying attention. When I picked it up again, though omg. It was actually keeping my interest! Crappy characters aside, they did the whole complicated childhood relationships thing with a twist and added a bunch of plot and also a time skip.And I do quite like Hikari and Tsumugu. It's been moving really slow after the time skip, but I'm still looking forward to see how it ends. How're you liking it? 

Then right after I caught up, I decided to catch up with Noragami. This was the only show this season that seemed bearable to me. And you know, it's nothing brilliant, but I like Yato and the nice balance of drama and comedy with the plot moving along steadily. Shounen that doesn't feel like it's old and tired, without actually bringing much that's new to the table. Good art helps, ofc. Yuki is adorable >_< hopefully he gets with the program though. 

Other things I want to catch up on, Little Busters, Golden Time, Hamatora (which apparently isn't that great?), Space Dandy, and that Gundam show you rec'd (still doing well?)... Also sidenote, Toaru Hikuushi... how are you watching that? I was pretty happy to get something from the same world as the pilot and the princess movie... but that was such a terrible first ep. And the cliched love at first fall thing? I'm wondering whether I should bother to watch ep 2 :P Comments? 

Although... a better question might be, how're you still watching Pupa? xD 

Oh and I just added Ace of Diamond to my list of things to watch... I completely forgot about it >_< 

zeldire Feb 12, 2014

Ahhh, that's kind of hard. Hmm, the age for my OC.. if I had to choose, I guess I'd say probably 14 or 15 – that super awkward age for most teenagers. And for hair length, medium (so around the shoulders) should be okay..? I'm glad you think it sounds cool, 'cause when I think about it, I just shake my head and laugh, knowing that that's exactly how I'd make the main character of my manga (especially shoujo, heh).

Hahaha, I had a feeling you were up to something. And though I can't begin to imagine what it could possibly be, I am definitely looking forward to it. If there is any way I can appease some of the torture, let me know. Oh gosh, as carried away as people can get with their OCs, I felt like I could not even begin to understand the reasoning behind the ones that he made for him and his friends. On the other hand, when I looked at yours, I actually got excited thinking how you captured its essence (and yours) pretty darn well. That just goes to show you why llamas cannot be compared to the true light.

zeldire Feb 7, 2014


えっと。。。なんだっけ?あ!「Book Off」って店で漫画を買った。




Yeah, I have no idea why I keep re-reading all of these manga. Just did it again a few days ago with a Korean manhwa. Or why I torture myself with this rotting shoujo crap. Wow, I think I have faced almost all of those problems with various manga at least once. Ah, but I don't think I've read one that's ever been axed due to "some new child-protection laws." But then again, you never know. Yeah, I was just thinking that – there's so much scanlation drama lately.. and then they want to tell us all about it as if I really care. Switching to raw manga is definitely a good idea. I'm still half and half. My hard copies are raw, but if I'm reading online, it's usually in "english" (or that sad excuse of english). Hmm, I agree with a lot of the manga they have on their list. Surprisingly though, some of it is kind of similar to the top lists of different manga sites I use (I don't usually trust the fans' tastes)… recently a lot of yaoi have been creeping up higher and higher on the lists (and that's why) T,T Yeahhh, the anime list could use a bit of work. I don't know how some of those got on there at all, but whatever. Ah, I have some Assassination Classroom lying around somewhere, but I haven't touched it yet. I don't know, just knowing that an awful fanbase will soon sprout is kind of a big turnoff. So I'd say, yeah, it'd be pretty difficult for you to escape that particular misfortune.  

If TiTP were some sick joke, that would have made it more manageable. But since those people sincerely believe that nonsense, any feigned sympathy I could have mustered up ('cause there definitely wasn't going to be genuine sympathy coming from me) was out of the question. Heh, landwhales and hamplanets – it's poetic in a way. Heh, you would enjoy TiBP. Pftt, yes, that is much more amusing then that horrific wasteland. Ahhh, that's pretty difficult. The fact that it was Kise added bonus disgusted points, but reading all those blog entries was painful. Then again, just looking at Kise, I could imagine him whispering all of those entries in my ear, so yeah, he wins.

And for that, Oda has my deepest respect. I feel so many potentially awesome shounen manga are ruined by forced or annoying romance (and the examples that come to mind seem endless). And yet, as you said, the One Piece shippers thrive.. ugh, my skin is crawling just thinking about them. Crap, if I could go back in time, I would not have given the faintest hint that I watch OP to Kise or Lust. Because yes, unfortunately, I am to blame (inadvertently) for their sudden desire to watch it. Just thinking that that could happen to other shows that I liked was enough to make me keep my mouth shut… though, to be honest, I didn't even want them watching shows that  I disliked. Probably just didn't want to have any connection with them whatsoever.

Hahaha, the western influence on his "manga" was quite evident. Even down to the character design (that I'm actually having trouble trying to visualize at the moment). AHHH, cane guy. Totally forgot about him.. yeah, I still don't understand that. Tch, we worked so hard on that manga too. I feel like so much stuff was wasted in that class. Explaining the blackboard would have been quite the inconvenience. Sensei received some brownie points for liking Kumagawa (though, come on, how can you not like Kumagawa). I can completely believe that you addressed her as Kise. The name just suited her too much, that it was almost impossible not to. Didn't you put Kise – ah wait no, you wrote 犯さないで under her name on the door. Heh, even now she might not catch on if you call her Kise (as long as she doesn't ever ever watch the Basketball which Kuroko Plays ^^). PFFTTT! Yeah, that describes her language perfectly. And glaring wasn't my intention. I usually have much better control over my poker face, but somehow she just seemed to draw out all of the little cracks.. Being away from her, I think I've mentally recovered. I don't even flinch when she calls me Senchou now (still think of the occasional sarcastic remark), but I'd say I'm back to my apathetic self. Aren't you proud of me? I know, I really did like the Senchou title. Heh, even my little brothers call me Captain. I'm not quite sure how this all started – I mean, yeah, I know I watch One Piece, but it's not like I call Kise Usopp or Lust.. anything for that matter. What? Of course you have to talk to them. I need you to do it so I don't have to. Okay, okay, we'll get a third in command. But who? It can't be llama or Pink. What about Kuroko? She's like a shadow, only popping up when she's called and stuff. Hmm, I don't know. Man, I don't even know what the name of our ship is. I don't think I could handle anything like the Skittle Brigade (it would make me want to jump ship just thinking about the crew members). And it can't be a baseball team name either because that would mean that Kise and Lust are on our baseball team. Ughhh…

I guess I don't need to give you my opinion on the eye color since you finished it already. But yeah, like I said, I actually really like how it came out. A touch of psychotic with quite a bit of a dangerous air to him (despite his young age). So what minor changes were you thinking of doing to your OC? 'Cause I got to say, I'm liking the expression, color choices and overall execution. Hahaha, and you torture yourself because although you are quite sadistic, your M side calls out to be abused. And you have chosen drawing to be your medium of torment (it helps though that after the matter, you get to look at all of your beautiful art). Hmm, when I was younger I always did pure white hair with blood red eyes, but I think lately, the image has changed a bit for me. Since I have always had a thing for gender benders, I would probably do that. Ridiculous I know, but it can't be helped. So a girl dressed as a guy with dark blue hair (almost black) and pale gray eyes. The only adjectives that are coming to mind are apathetic and heartless. Hmm, what other kind of details were you looking for? As for a name, I think Genesis shall suffice.

Ah okay, volumes 7-11 for Medaka Box. Since I got 7-9 last week or so ago, I just have to get you 10 and 11 and you'll have the Minus Arc. Haha, yeah, since there's was no way I was buying the all of OP, I thought I should just get a couple of my favorite arcs. As for HanaKimi, naturally I wanted to have at least one gb series. I don't know if there's any I would really recommend from that list – some I bought just for nostalgia, but you never know, you might enjoy one or two. And yeah, I'll give you that, they are definitely different.

zeldire Jan 19, 2014






Yeah, I feel like I'm one of the only one in the west who reads more manga than watches anime. Can't even say I feel bad for laughing at that ADHD comment. Too funny. I could not have said it better – it's infinitely better for us if they don't find out the hidden merits of manga. But that's unlikely to happen because like you said, that would require actually reading something. And yes, it would appear that only a chosen few like to torture themselves by reading obscure shoujo nonsense.. Ah, so what are some of the manga MAL has on its top list? The reason western fans seem to prefer anime/manga made recently than some of the superior but older ones is because with their short attention spans, if they don't see something with pretty or flashy animations consistently, they lose focus easily. But yes, that is better. Most of the manga you read probably won't be subjected to the asinine and sickening fanbase that pollutes the west. 

Okay, I'll be honest, I didn't make it through that "This is Thin Privilege." I got maybe ¾ in before I willingly contemplated obscuring my eyes with my fists. I can't say there was one post where I didn't question the intelligence of the blogger… but yeah. Glad there wasn't a sharp object anywhere near me at the time.

I'm so glad you're my brother/catcher. Never have to worry about you fantasizing about men that clearly have no interest in each other. Heh, forget homolust, there's not even a hint of any substantial romance in it (gay or otherwise), for which I am immensely grateful for. Ehhhh, it wasn't my fault >,< How was I to know that me showing the slightest interest in something would get everyone to watch it? Before, they all kept talking about how they thought it was silly and childish… I didn't know their resolves were so weak. But you should notice that that was probably the last time I talked about something I liked out loud around them. HA! Your masochism. I must admit, it did bring me both pain and pleasure to torture him for the same reasons (sometimes being in his presence was much too much to bear)..Oh gosh, Jonny sexual. I actually almost forgot about that. But yeah, "5 dates" and "Jonny sexual" was the epitome of his naiveté and desperation. Heh, to be honest, I don't even think I know a Jonny at WAC. Dude, he was your bonafide stalker. Clearly, he wanted you to be more than just his senpai. 

Hahaha, you're not the only one. Do you know how many times we've opened our mouths and almost called her Kise to her face? I want to watch her expressions while she's watching it (she's never been very good at hiding her true feelings). Ah, watching "exclusively newer anime, or anime with art styles they find aesthetically pleasing enough for their precious eyes" defines her perfectly. And this is why her scope is so limited and she hasn't discovered the plethora of incredible anime out there.. There was an actual chill that ran through my body when imagining her in the stands at our baseball game forcefully converting the unsuspecting fans into watching OP. =,= She still calls me Senchou, by the way. The fact that both her and Lust call me that.. doesn't that mean I would have to be on the same ship as them? If that's the case, you'd be right there with me, Banchou. I'd be one of those captains that only the First Mate can see while the rest of the crew knows next to nothing about me.

Though I tried to keep you away from her clutches, apparently I failed. Ah, Lust's attachment was entirely unforeseen. I wasn't expecting her to frequent our room as much as she did. And all of that unprotected sex… I suppose you were the sacrifice in that respect. Despite the fact that they both dropped Japanese, I still felt like I saw them way too often – ah, I guess that's because yellow was my roommate, huh? That's right, she did go home most weekends.. now that I think about it, I might have been the cause of that – at least in part, heh. I can't say I remember a time when purple wasn't drunk. Or maybe that was just her natural comportance.  

The fact that he was that young and yet still managed to become your estranged son should be worrying, but then again, it was impossible to get a decent child when reproducing with that wandering wench. The fact that there are over 6 different Kise's just proves that there are way too many yellows in the world. Yeah, Lust was definitely in tune with her character.. ah, Yosuke is in the "homosexuality" tier. Ahhh, I don't know, I think the Jonny sexual or Luffy's asexual tier might have been my favorite part. Hmm, then again ball sexual is pretty brilliant too.

So what hair/eye color combinations are you thinking of. 

Ah, yeah, vol. 20 of Medaka Box because that's the one where Kumagawa is a kid. Do you know which volumes are Kumagawa-centric? Heh, it hasn't covered the wall yet – just a drawer and a half. Ahhh, that's so hard.. alright, to cheat, I'd say for Shounen manga, it's probably One Piece (since within the volumes I bought, they have some awesome arcs); and for Shoujo, Hana Kimi ('cause it's a gender-bender classic), Eensy-Weensy Moster (pleasant surprise), and Fly High! (just because). But if I had to pick a favorite out of all of them right now, I'd say either Change 2!! (because I'm in the mood for some violence and yakuza) or Gakuen Alice since they both have some psychological aspect to them. But neither has satisfied my crave for psychological thought, violence or yakuza, so I'll say, none.

zeldire Jan 13, 2014

You're right, that was retardedly long, but thoroughly enjoyable. And no, I was not ready. 


Okay, I sit corrected. Turns out in your case, trying to backup your message ended in the same way I'm sure it would have for Kumagawa (so I guess I shouldn't be surprised). Now this time, you should copy the text in addition to making a backup =P.. Well finicky writer or not, I'd say the "2nd round" version of the message turned out pretty dang well. But for all I know, the original might have been a true gem radiating your genius. 

Call it stingy or whatever, but yeah, liking unknown/unpopular anime is something I take pride in. Yup, we're definitely brothers. Oh gosh T,T You're absolutely right – do you know how many shows I can't properly enjoy because of that malignant western anime community? It's because of fans like that that I am convinced of humanity's stupidity. And if having my favorite shows popularized means they'll be subjected to such creatures, I'd rather they remain unknown by the mass for eternity (even if that means I have to give up on having merchandise and etc). Now it's just a matter of finding more of those hidden gems. It would seem that you have perfected this system. Heh, landwhales on Tumblr – I am amused.

Hahaha, yes, I would say a Jehovah Witness style approach is quite the accurate description for Kise's method of attack. Heh, I think I remember that night when she was trying to convince you of the beauty (=,=) of the relationships in OP. She was so passionate and loud that all I could do was laugh.. and cringe. And that bull about Zoro and Sanji is just some nonsensical crap fujoshi fantasize about in order to fulfill their twisted inner desires of violent man sex. "Eww," indeed. Yes, but on the minus side (heh), the WAC denizens that did watch OP were in our circle of acquaintances. Ah, and I truly appreciate the use of the word "acquaintances," by the way. JPN101 and GG were filled with special people, to say the least. And llama was no exception.. actually yes, he is – he deserves to be placed in a separate bubble next to Kise. Just try to keep him away from any other worthy anime. 

Yeah, after watching that clip, there's no way she would make it through LoGH. Heh, we should get her to watch it, so I can see her try to explain how they should solve their political differences with love or some nonsense like that. Yeah, remembering how she was picking anime based on how "pretty" they were, she does seem like the type of person who would lose interest fast based on the animation. Dude, did you really have to make me imagine all of those blasted HxH pairs? Granted, she would definitely ship them all, but I don't want to picture it >,< Eh? Kuroko or Oofuri? Hmm, if she learned of the real skittle brigade, that would most certainly put a damper on much of our secret conversations. Ah, but, her watching something as awesome as Oofuri would irk me in a different way. She definitely can NOT be on our baseball team – not even in the dugout, no, not even in the stands. Hm, which is the lesser of two evils?.. Crap, I don't know. I want to keep both from happening as much as possible.

Ewwwwww, don't remind me of that stupid yaoi manga (yeah, it was Vanilla Ice). If only you could see the face I'm making right now as I have flashbacks thanks to you⁽⁽(ཀдཀ)⁾⁾And since that was absolutely not my fault (false description), I would still be innocent anyway.. As for Kodomo no Jikan, I don't have an excuse. If anything, I guess I figured, "hey they're kids, it should be okay…" clearly, that was not the case. But the horrors you subjected me to finished the job. "Tumblr social justice folder?" Do I dare?

Ah, yeah I remember.. vaguely. It was that dude that kept talking to you whenever he saw you, right? Heh, "I'm judging you so hard right now," huh? I can't even begin to imagine what people must have concluded about us then. I would be amused to hear it though. I don't even get why the kid was there in the first place. Aren't they suppose to be watched by someone.. like at all times or something? Bad with kids? No wonder Egger didn't like you. Hey! I'll have you know that I did (kind of) try to prevent Kise from glomping on to you – I intended to only invite you over when she wasn't in the room, but next thing I know, you guys were already meeting with each other. And though her hanging out with you did keep her away from me, it wasn't enough to keep her from fueling my building rage (which I'm still curious why hiding my sadistic sardonic side from her last year proved to be so difficult). Like I said, you played a key role in keeping me sane. Pftt, that was one of the worst English dubs ever. I guess my reaction was due to her sincere love for the show – which intensified my disbelief that she could actually like an anime that not only sounded incredibly bad, but one where what they were saying lacked all levels of intelligence. Like really? The king of the underworld or whatever wanting to solve all of the world's problems with hugs and love or some foolishness like that? 

Glad to hear that your perception of the merits of OP had already been tainted before Kise. Ah, tuning her out was a good choice. I felt like every other sentence she said had some spoiler in it. And when told clearly and directly that she constantly spoils things, she got all defensive.. ugh, women. But it's good that you don't remember – I don't know if certain parts would have had the same impact had I known every little thing that was going to happen beforehand. Well, I'll let you know if that's just the nostalgia goggles talking or not when I watch YYH. I might be able to watch a couple episodes tonight, we'll see. And since you say the opening is good, I'll actually watch it. Aren't you proud of me?

Whaaaaaaaaat, that was a woman. Swore that was a slightly mentally challenged boy. Dude, I don't even know what to say. uhhh she's still special. I know I can do some pretty crazy nonsensical things often, but yeahhhhh not that.

Hm, I don't mind strategy RPGs. I haven't played too many though – only Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and a couple of others. But designing a character sounds pretty fun, and being able to dictate which characters develop relationships is always a plus. Now if only HM had that option. Heh, you would make to characters you dislike get married (well done). Ah eww. Don't think I'd want to marry one of their kids though. 

To be honest, I would probably smack Kise or Lust if they tried to show you affection over my picture. It was painful enough having Lust complement the pyramid you made me after she saw the original Lust in it. I will not let them taint our brother battery. But yes, look forward to all of the pitcher love ^^ Ahh, Sonic looking as retarded as always. Flying into the sun was a nice touch though. If it's you, then I look forward to your OC (especially since I know it will be an actual OC, and not just some random anime character with different colored hair and some pathetic backstory). But yeah, I can understand that – these horrid fanbases have an impressive way of ruining characters.

Heh, sankyuu. Figured it fit my mood. I'm liking the expression your avatar has.