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zeldire says...


So, did you do anything special?

Jun 7, 2014
zeldire says...


Had to mentally prepare myself before I watched them.. so here's my report. 

Okay, so I watched the first one, and I'm still trying to figure out what the heck Natsuki is supposed to be. And then he walked from behind the bed and revealed that his lower body was in fact inside the creature… who then asked to be tickled by her master. Felt a little like a dinosaur porno. AH! (side note, that was not a sudden cry of ecstasy and pleasure, but one of recognition..?) I know who his puppet thing looks like, Jar Jar Binks. Yes, I think it's completely disturbing. Man and puppet are terrifying, by the way.

Ah, and the second video is missing -- well, more like it was removed. I suppose youtube thought it should spare me the pain.

How freaking long was that intro for the pokemon disaster of a movie supposed to be? Actually, I think I prefer the opening credits over the actual content -- wait, no, I am most definitely sure I preferred the opening. What are you putting me through? I hope your masochistic tendencies made you sit through all of this nonsense. Oh gosh, there's voices.. I can't. No. no.

Moving on… Heh, I love other peoples' awkward moments. That was quite amusing. It's for reasons like this that children exist. Wow, I actually watched the whole 8 minutes and 16 seconds of that video just to see how awkward it would get.

Is it weird that I swore that we went to school with the "Roxas" dude? The things people do in public. Is there no shame? I wonder what doors those key umbrellas open.. "I can't kill you, you're part of me." And that's enough of my random thoughts. 

I'm going to make it my mission one day to find something stranger than anything you've ever shown me. Granted, it will be difficult since you know your way around the inner guck of the internet better than I do, but SOMEDAY… maybe, I'll find something.

May 23, 2014
zeldire says...

Ahh, yeah, seeing as how I have a mac, that might be a little difficult. But since I'm still thinking of getting another computer solely for gaming and using my animation/ art applications, it's good to know an app like rikaisama is out there.

Our masochistic hobbies are certainly troublesome, and we should probably stop engaging in them, but I don't see that happening. I'm happy to report though that when I'm torturing myself reading worthless shoujo, on the rare occasion, I will find the hidden resolve to just say, "No, I won't be subjected to this hot garbage." Baby steps. Hmm, I should really jump on that bandwagon with you and just go raw all the way, but I haven't found too many sites that have the raw scans -- and when I do, more often than not, their Chinese raws… but why am I not surprised that you would take a liking to series that haven't been scanlated into English yet? You really do like self-torture.

I feel like I see more forced romance in anime/manga than satisfying romance. Still think Major's failed attempt at romance leaves one of the worst tastes in my mouth T,T Pfft, I honestly don't know what's wrong with all these shippers. They interpret everything as romantic tension. A hateful glare to them is actually the character swearing his undying love. I really don't get it… sex-deprived animals. Oh gosh, yeah, that seems to be way too common nowadays -- shipping based on their appearances. The one or two times I actually did want certain characters to get together, they ended up choosing the obvious (usually dark-haired) worthless sack of air.. and then I realized they were better off alone. Yup, the thought of having my favorite character never sullied by the suffocating clutches of "romance" is one I hold very dear.

Hahaha, yeah, I am truly grateful I am unable to remember that "manga." I only remember something about a boat, and less than desirable character designs. Ooo, though I don't remember the backgrounds, I do recall that we so graciously offered him the position as our background lackey for our manga. To think he had the gall to reject us and want us to work for him. Silly llama. Nooo, you can't make me explain the blackboard to Sensei in Japanese when I can't even adequately do so in English! If that had happened, I think I would have just asked Kuroko what her opinion was since I'm sure she wouldn't have spoken a word otherwise. Hahaha, awww, I miss our bluebooks. Heh, I don't see why you'd want to take credit for my art over yours -- to be honest, I like a lot of your art better than mine (you certainly do better shade work than me). I think Kise asked me maybe once or twice what it mean. The first time I told her to ask you, and the second time I think I gave her some ridiculous answer that was clearly wrong, so she stopped asking me. I kind of wish she had asked a Japanese student while we were there.. Her watching KnB? Hopefully zilch. Then again, she is a local resident on Tumblr so I'm sure she's come across it (wouldn't be surprised if she's already saved pics of characters she ships despite not having watched it). And though I can only scoff at her dismissal of the sports genre, I am secretly grateful for her poor taste. Let her go watch French ladybugs by herself. Hmm, yeah, now that I think about it, I think you only call me Senchou when I call you Banchou, which isn't too often. But at least I don't inwardly cringe when you call me Senchou, unlike when Kise and Lust do it. Heh, yeah, I figured if it was Kuroko, we could pretend like she's not even there and we still wouldn't have to deal with the other annoyances on our ship. Everyone's happy, and by that, I mean us. Ah, yes, the birds might pose to be a problem though. We know how easily distracted that one can get. And we can't just go shooting every bird we see out of the sky.. we'd be wasting our time keeping her in line which would defeat the purpose of having her there in the first place. This may requires further thought.

Actually, I did think about having a male OC, but like you said, I figured a genderbent character appealed to me more. Yes, I also share in your opinion of females being easier to draw than males. That being the case, I'm glad I chose a female. Hee hee, thank you thank you. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more the blue hair gray eyes combo grows on me. Hmm, I'm looking at your OC now trying to visualize the minor changes you were thinking of making. Like you said, the hair would probably still look good if you made it a little longer in the front.. and though I like the magenta eyes, I'm kind of interested to see what orange would look like. Did you try it? Hmmm, yeah, I've seen genderbent girls with tomboyish layers and ones with straight hair.. I think I'll go with tomboyish and layered. It's a pretty safe bet though since I think in this case it could go either way. Hahaha, I'm actually not sure what to expect, so that's just making me look forward to it even more. I have complete faith in your abilities (and masochistic tendencies). 

Yeah, I was sad to see MB end the way it did -- ESPECIALLY since Kumagawa just disappeared and wasn't heard from again. Aghghhghffff, I blame you. I went to the site and saw the complete set for One Piece. Really tempted to just go for it.. found one that's only about $83 -- I've spent more money on stranger things.

Feb 21, 2014
jualseta says...

Hello waifu~ I think we're having a long distance relationship in the 1700s, during wartime. Letters once a year are something to be thankful for :P This is 70% my fault. *hangs head*

How are you??? How's life? I see Japanese all over your page. Making progress huh? 

Your now watching list makes more sense now. Lots of current stuff! Which sadly, is not that great. 

Last time I tried watching anime, I lasted about 3 weeks and then gave up. I'll continue blaming quality. Everything is so freaking generic these days. Now the question is whether the genericness is because I've seen it all :P or because it really is all crap nowadays. It's probably a combination. I understand that there are only so many ways the limited amount of tropes we humans have access to can be spun, but so much anime these days doesn't even feel like it's trying. I guess I can blame everyone who eats it up anyway. 

I switched to manga for a bit... but manga is INSANE. Have you noticed? There are the solid stories for sure. But then 90% of the rest is a pain to follow, whether because of crappy scanlation, lazy art, or just plain bad writing. And the good stuff only gets updates twice a year ;__; 

Why is this comment so whiny? I have no idea. Maybe because it's almost 4am and I should be sleeping! 

Anyway, anime. Uchouten Kazoku. I remember starting that last season and it was charming? And now I can't remember what happened in the two eps I watched so I'll be starting over with that! I managed to make it through Coppelion because I was watching it with someone. I was actually looking forward to Coppelion, but it fell through so much... all cheese and focusing on crappy villians for too long. Especially disappointing because it had such an amazing setup... post-apocalyptic wastelands are my favourite! 

Oh and I watched the Steins;gate movie... which was meh. Decent. But not much compared to the anime. Can't remember if you even liked that, though? 

Then, idk what it was. Free time? Nagging from people? A childhood weakness for Little Mermaid? Started watching Nagi no Asukara again. It was interesting to begin with because it reminded me of AnoHana (cheeese but complicated relationships are fun mixed in with childhood nostalgia). But then the characters got super whiny and annoying =( I stopped paying attention. When I picked it up again, though omg. It was actually keeping my interest! Crappy characters aside, they did the whole complicated childhood relationships thing with a twist and added a bunch of plot and also a time skip.And I do quite like Hikari and Tsumugu. It's been moving really slow after the time skip, but I'm still looking forward to see how it ends. How're you liking it? 

Then right after I caught up, I decided to catch up with Noragami. This was the only show this season that seemed bearable to me. And you know, it's nothing brilliant, but I like Yato and the nice balance of drama and comedy with the plot moving along steadily. Shounen that doesn't feel like it's old and tired, without actually bringing much that's new to the table. Good art helps, ofc. Yuki is adorable >_< hopefully he gets with the program though. 

Other things I want to catch up on, Little Busters, Golden Time, Hamatora (which apparently isn't that great?), Space Dandy, and that Gundam show you rec'd (still doing well?)... Also sidenote, Toaru Hikuushi... how are you watching that? I was pretty happy to get something from the same world as the pilot and the princess movie... but that was such a terrible first ep. And the cliched love at first fall thing? I'm wondering whether I should bother to watch ep 2 :P Comments? 

Although... a better question might be, how're you still watching Pupa? xD 

Oh and I just added Ace of Diamond to my list of things to watch... I completely forgot about it >_< 

Feb 20, 2014
zeldire says...

Ahhh, that's kind of hard. Hmm, the age for my OC.. if I had to choose, I guess I'd say probably 14 or 15 – that super awkward age for most teenagers. And for hair length, medium (so around the shoulders) should be okay..? I'm glad you think it sounds cool, 'cause when I think about it, I just shake my head and laugh, knowing that that's exactly how I'd make the main character of my manga (especially shoujo, heh).

Hahaha, I had a feeling you were up to something. And though I can't begin to imagine what it could possibly be, I am definitely looking forward to it. If there is any way I can appease some of the torture, let me know. Oh gosh, as carried away as people can get with their OCs, I felt like I could not even begin to understand the reasoning behind the ones that he made for him and his friends. On the other hand, when I looked at yours, I actually got excited thinking how you captured its essence (and yours) pretty darn well. That just goes to show you why llamas cannot be compared to the true light.

Feb 12, 2014