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zeldire Jan 9, 2017

A most wonderful and magical New Year to you! Here's to making it another year in this world filled with special snowflakes.. (●‾▽‾●)_旦”☆”旦_(○˘▽˘○) 

Finally back to a place with my working laptop (this is what happens when you travel without one)…. I'll just have to get over the missed opportunity of seeing my favorite twin brother. It would make this process infinitely easier if you'd be gracing me with your presence in the future. So you were teaching at a sister university in Vietnam? That's pretty cool. I'm guessing you were teaching English…? I'm glad it all worked out, though, and you were able to make that trek on the PCT. Even though it was more difficult than you thought, you did it! So proud of my catcher-nii.

Can't say I've ever had a desire to go to Vietnam, but you make it sound so interesting -- I particularly enjoy the idea of anime merchandise popping up in the Buddhist temples. I can just imagine someone leaning forward to light some incense and then coming face to face with a dangling chibi Roy Mustang or something. Why didn't Thailand feel as exotic (figured the raging amount of sex changes there might help)? Hahaha, would they just start yelling at you if you didn't buy their stuff? Haven't had the pleasure of that experience XD Although I haven't been to Vietnam or Thailand, I have hit up Beijing, Taiwan and South Korea. Wasn't a fan of the first…at all…. Taiwan was a pleasant surprise though. And I'm planning on going back to Korea to get some more time to explore.

Arizona does sound pretty random, but then again, maybe not if it's you. Did they run you off the road over there? I thought I knew crazy driving in New York, but somehow I have the sneaking suspicion that Arizona's drivers are a whole different type of crazy. Just make sure you stay safe. I don't want to get a call at 2 in the morning saying some old lady rear-ended you off a crevice.

Now back to the PCT, let me reiterate how amazing you are. I have no idea how you managed to endure those kind of conditions -- well, yes I do, you're one of the most adaptable people I know. What were the most difficult and rewarding aspects of this journey? And yeah, I'm incredibly proud of your fast rep (that sounds kinda wrong) and long distant hiking. Please, it'd be a miracle if I talked myself into walking 10 miles in a day. I don't think I'll have any troubles refraining from a 60-mile hike.

The only other program I've heard people mention often is AEON. Although vacation time seems to be more flexible, they lose out in benefits, so that's something to think about. As for South Korea, I do know another ALT who was teaching in Korea before she came over here. She says she loved it, and that it was a bit of a transition when she started teaching in Japan (mostly because of the differences in work culture). Ha! "Some language skills"? You know you're borderline fluent, stop playing lol. Feel free to ask away. I live to serve (and thrive, and sleep, and eat, etc). My interview was a bit different than the usual. I was actually interviewing for both the ALT and CIR position. So they asked me a lot of questions pertaining to both. We went back and forth from Japanese to English. But most of the questions boiled down to how I would handle various situations they gave me, what I valued most as an educator/interpreter, how I would promote the "Cultural exchange" part of the program, and where and who I'd prefer to teach. It actually wasn't bad; I had fun during the interview, laughing and giving my opinions to the interviewers -- but then again, I prayed before hand, so I really wasn't worried. I am indeed still enjoying our cherished and beloved Nippon. To be honest, I mostly just go about my business everyday, and it's only at random moments that I think, "Oh yeah, I'm in Japan…" My language skills have improved (though had I been doing my selfstudy like I'd planned, I'd be much better). It's mostly shown through my listening skills and kanji (not writing them from memory, of course, but reading them). Still not a "huge" fan of having to speak it, unless I'm talking to myself like a weirdo. What about you? Been keeping up with your studies? You'll be happy to know (and by that, I mean you'll probably scoff) that I still find One Piece to be an enjoyable way to practice my Japanese. So yeah, still a fan. I'm able to control my "burning love" much better though, thankyouverymuch =D

Kyuushu seems like a great area to be placed. I know someone teaching in Fukuoka, and he absolutely loves it. What made you choose Kagawa prefecture as one of your choices? Hmm, if I remember correctly, my choices were #1 - Chiba (since I didn't want to live in Tokyo again), #2 - Chubu region (so I guess them placing me in Shizuoka is what I asked for), and #3 - Sapporo XD (because I actually prefer the cold). So what level are you hoping to get? High school?

Good, I'm happy you were able to spend the holidays with family. How was your New Years? I can imagine the temperature drop was not the most pleasant aspect of your vacation. My Christmas and New Years was pretty good. Did a bit of last minute shopping for the fam and I even got to see a buttload of snow before I went back. Alas, there was no KFC or any annoying guy I'd be forced to share it with. But I did unexpectedly split a chicken parm with someone -- their idea, not mine. I did make sure to find a way to get some pumpkin pie (I'm not ashamed to say there was little sharing involved…then I went on to eat a whole sweet potato pie as well… again, no shame). Ehhh, I guess that means you've given up on stalking my address out of me heh. I'll pop it into our Dropbox after this. Give me yours too.

zeldire Dec 25, 2016

光キャッチャー! You do let me go sulk in a corner while I recover from the fact that I didn't get to see you in Japan. 

Okay, I'm good. Merry Christmas ^^ So how'd you like teaching in Vietnam and Japan? Does that mean that you're back in the great US of A? Sweet, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - yup, as expected of my brother, you've been busy. Was it as difficult as it sounds?

YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I know you find it to be a soul-sucking slave-like organization, but I'm really happy you applied ( T_T)\(^-^ ) If you want my honest and objective opinion, though, I think the program is a way to get back to Japan (so you can later switch jobs to whatever you actually want to do after you arrive). It's easy money for people who have teaching experience like you. So those are a few pros. The cons are the ridiculous amount of bureaucratic nonsense you have to sludge through, especially the paperwork. But if you can stomach that, then I think it's a pretty sweet deal. Since I just signed a lease on my new apartment, I'm going to renew my contract. I'm in Shizuoka prefecture in Hamamatsu city. 

So if you do it, what are your top three choices for placement? 

And how's your Christmas going, dear brother?

zeldire Jun 4, 2016


Same here same here. Honestly, haven't watched too much anime lately..or read as much manga as I'm accustomed to. But probably still haven't been as busy as you though. Watcha been up to, bro? As per your request, I downloaded Show by Rock, but it hasn't let me start since it keeps saying I have a network error. So I'll send you my code once I've convinced it that, "Yes, my apartment does indeed have a secure internet connection, thankyouverymuch." Pfft, but exactly how much is an "embarassing amount"?

Ah, sweet, you did get the bike. So did you end up going with the cervelo? I've got a bike too - granted, it's a mamachari that I haven't riden a day in my life (just got the key to unlock it from my pred a month or so back). And since the summer month is coming upon us like a vengeful woman scorned, I don't know if I can work up the courage to ride it yet. How in the world do you manage to do it?!  

Oh, how I missed that wicked tongue of yours. Hmm, that sounded creepy (but since you sent me that defiling picture, I shall allow it). Heh, I've been okay. Can't believe it's June already. Happy to say it doesn't feel like slave labor. In fact, I actually adore my students (can you believe it? I like other human beings). And because of that, I don't mind teaching them. I think one of my new boys confessed to me during our culture festival today though...Anywhos, co-teaching with 3 or 4 people takes a minute to get use to. Other than that, just been trying to do my own thing (bought a ps4), but my coworkers keep inviting me out, so I've gone to see/sing with a couple of them in their bands. This message turned out longer than I thought. I want to her more about my dear brother now.

zeldire Jan 4, 2016

Happy New Year~!!! ゚*。☆ヾ(´∀`)Д Ндррч Йёш Чёдя!(´∀`)ノ☆。*゚

How's my favorite twin brother? 

CaptainTiga Oct 21, 2015

Saw a list os yours that had Kuucho Buranko and Tsuritama on the same list and a lot more animu that i liked so i decided i should follow.

Cheers ;)