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Lets see here. I guess I should add a little more about myself. I'm 17 and a chick who loves anime.

I spend a lot of time on the computer maybe too much. I love Myspace! I'm in kickboxing to help myself learn some GD discipline. I'm lazy and only really work at something when I have to. For instance homework. Hate the stuff but I still do it and amazingly I have all A's. (Thats a first for me!) Unless of course I really want to do it. Like now I am writting a story. My friends tell me its good. I hope so. I do have a future plan and I do know where I want to go. Now all I need is some money. Part of that future plan is to live in Japan for a few years and train there. I plan to go into animations for videogames

I strive to be the best at the things I care about. I want people to remember me. I absolutely refuse to be a shadow in peoples minds. I want money, but I'm not money hungry. I wont rip people off for some cash. I believe in working hard for something you want.

A pet peeve of mine is people who don't know how to shut the hell up. Thats its. lol

I love meetin new people. I like to have lots of friends that way my life is full of different and interesting conversations everyday. On a daily basis I wish that something magical and awesome would happen to me bceause this world is just so freakin boring. Getting the chance to go into an anime would be the radest. Being a ninja or maybe a witch would rock!

Thats all I'm gonna tell you for now.......till I think of more stuff.

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youkais Feb 1, 2010

I think I understand you. I write stories myself and I feel like you about things and life (generally spoking).

"On a daily basis I wish that something magical and awesome would happen to me bceause this world is just so freakin boring"

That's 100% true to me too.

Sorry my english, but I got interested on you.

HikaruTenshi Sep 20, 2009

Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu! [Happy Birthday!] ^_^


wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

Saoulmanblaster Jul 17, 2008

Hehe just camed back from Bulgaria, it was a hard week with lots of party!! Very nice! But it´s nice to be back home again. So whats up with you, what have you done ? Anything fun? Maby watched something good=

Grave Jul 12, 2008

Nothing much watch Golden boy