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Great Teacher Onizuka


GTO is a widely popular anime, and having heared so much about it, i finnaly decided to give it a go, and as a result, i discovered one of the greatest anime ever.

The story, although simple, is crafted in such a great way that it keeps you hooked for it's entire duration, making you want to see the next episode as soon as possible. without spoiling anything, you will  be experiencing tons of different emotions while watching this anime. you will be laughing alot, and i mean, alot.. Onizuka's actions, thoughts and moves are priceless.


the rest of the plot keeps you hooked in, you will be intrigued by them, you will feel sorry for them, you will love them or even hate them. But in the end, all these characters will leave their mark on you.


The animation, although low for today's standards, is well crafted, some facial expressions may be wierd for some viewers, but overall, it's well done.


i Loved the OST in this anime, it kept the show alive , with adequate tunes for different parts of the story,and both the OP songs were catchy.


Overall, i gave this show a 5 star rating, it really deserves it. it may not be an anime that everyone can enjoy, but even so, give it at least a try and watch 2 or 3 episodes, wait for the story to develop and , as allways, enjoy

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Great Teacher Onizuka user review by Satrius

Great Teacher Onizuka

overall score: 9/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8.5/10
  • Animation 7.5/10
  • Sound 8.5/10
  • Characters 9/10
  • Overall 9/10

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