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New updates.. Too many series' added to count.

I suppose the biggest update is that I finally picked up One Piece after pushing it to the side for the past.. Forever.. It took getting past the first 30 episodes for me to get into it, but it's really good.

Watching Needless at this moment, and it's driving me insane.  I'm on episode 12 and so far, most everything sucks.. Except the ED - that's pretty awesome.

It wouldn't be so bad if Blade used his ability a bit better... or at all, since he only ever seems to use the stupid fire attack.  Doesn't he know he can beat down most opponents with a combination of the speed and strength abilities?  If you're going to make an overpowered character, at least make them intelligent enough to actually USE their abilities instead of complaining about not having the time to learn an ability that you JUST learnt not 5 minutes ago.

This anime sucks.

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RavenJonny says...

Awesome website, Thanks for the help ^^/.

Feb 14, 2008
RavenJonny says...

Hey Thanks for the welcome.

Been looking at getting the manga for Claymore for a long time now not sure exactly what the best place to get it from would be, Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks again

Feb 14, 2008
Freewind says...

it'd be neat if we had something that gave notices when friends started watching new anime on here, dontcha think?

Dec 28, 2007
Tomikohara says...

Thanks! =)

That's one reason why I put those two series in my top 5, so they could get more exposure since they're not well known, but they're very entertaining (to me anyway). Tsukikage Ran won't stay in my top 5 list for too long though...

Dec 27, 2007