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New updates.. Too many series' added to count.

I suppose the biggest update is that I finally picked up One Piece after pushing it to the side for the past.. Forever.. It took getting past the first 30 episodes for me to get into it, but it's really good.

Watching Needless at this moment, and it's driving me insane.  I'm on episode 12 and so far, most everything sucks.. Except the ED - that's pretty awesome.

It wouldn't be so bad if Blade used his ability a bit better... or at all, since he only ever seems to use the stupid fire attack.  Doesn't he know he can beat down most opponents with a combination of the speed and strength abilities?  If you're going to make an overpowered character, at least make them intelligent enough to actually USE their abilities instead of complaining about not having the time to learn an ability that you JUST learnt not 5 minutes ago.

This anime sucks.

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Oehr Mar 27, 2008

great :D

I'm not good at all at freehand drawing, best at photo manipulation and vectors(based on images).

take a look here:

be sure to follow the link in the thread to see some more of my "creations" ^^

since the eyes is the most beautiful part of horo, try to get as much detail into it as possible!

sothis Mar 26, 2008

Woo I'll be in Orlando from June 3-6 :p not sure if that's near you or not...

Freewind Feb 21, 2008

the radio misses you ;_; awesome u finally watched green green, today vulcan requested the op.  heprea says hi.  glad to know you're still alive.  don't make me call you again xD

1010rikku Feb 19, 2008

Thanks for the update!! I actually found the game Magna Carta very...interesting to say the least! I am a big fan of RPG's and love trying different types of battle systems and the one from this game was certainly challenging!

I am a very big fan of the artist hyung-taekim, who does the art for the game. Love his animation style and sexyness, thats actually what caught my eye in the first place!! 

LOL actually, if there was an anti-caramel cult, I just might be it's leader!! We would have t-shirts and everything :P I take it you would not join...

Animedreamer240 Feb 18, 2008

I love your avvie! <3 I can't stop staring at it.