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Hello My name is Lorraine. :) I was born in Colorado Springs and then moved to Louisiana just a couple weeks after. My family and I stayed in Louisiana for about 2 years before coming back to Colorado. I've visited New Mexico, Arizona and California. I've never been out of the USA but plan to move to Japan to be a coordinator of international relations. If that doesn't work out for me I'm hoping to enter health science here in the USA as a type of doctor. 

My father used to be part of the Air Force Academy but is now retired. He currently is a professor at the Air Force Academy. My mother was an audiologist but became a stay at home mom when I was born. I have one younger sister (5 years younger) named Bonnie Rose and one older brother who died as an infant. 

I really like to play video games. Manly PC MMORPG and some shooter games. I love to play with my friends so feel free to add me anytime.
I also like anime and japanese language/culture a lot.... I'm currently studying japanese so that I can get a job/live over there...

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BlueberryPancake Jul 10, 2013

Welcome to Anime-Planet and nice list so far. ^_^ I also used to study Japanese... I never actually finished but it's fun to use what I know. =w= How long have you been studying?