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Soo.. i think i'll just bore you so much now, that you'll just move on without even being slightly interested...

so, i like anime,, that's kinda why i'm on this site, so that i can keep track on what i have to watch, or have to finish... because i kept fortgetting that i still had to watch some animes..

i also like yaoi,, no that big of a surprise i think.. and i really love a lot of pairings from Naruto and bleach.. it's even so bad,, that i don't like to watch a boy and girl kiss,, (yes,, i DO have a boyfriend)

are you already thinking i'm mentally insane?? well.. that doesn't matter,, that won't take long ^^

okaayy,, i have an acount on dA,, where i posted my selfmade poems, pictures and drawings.. so if you want to watch just ask ^^

im also on Twitter,, not that much though,, but i think it's funny ^^

aannd i'm part of Facebook.. it's a little boring, but i like to have a wide network.. :D

i also visit Tagged almost everyday, because i have an acount there too..

i know.. i too think that my interactive-life is a liiiittllee overactive,,, but i kinda like it xD

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unitzero Jul 12, 2010


lI eft you a comment here. thanks for trying to help add info. please read the how to thread before adding more data.



Kari5 Oct 14, 2009

Welcome to Anime Planet! :D

If you have any questions about how stuff works, just send them my way.

sothis Oct 14, 2009

Welcome to the site ^^