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Apr 10, 2010


     For any of you who've ever seen the Maple Story anime, or watched any Warner Bros cartoons when all the characters were babies and living with the old woman: this anime has a very similar feel to it. I'm not sure why, it might be the overly simplistic story, undevolped, immature characters or the quirky BGM. I'm not sure why but it does. That being said, the plot is overly simplistic and seems like its meant for small children. A young Angel named Flonne is sent to the netherworld to assassinate their king, but upon arrival, she finds and awakens his son, the main character: Laharl. They then find out that the king is already dead from choking during his meal, Laharl is overjoyed and he and Flonne embark on a quest for Laharl to become the netherworlds king. Each episode Laharl is faced with minor "setbacks" on his quest to become king, usually in the form of trying to find food or other devils thinking they can become king and trying to stop Laharl. Along the way, a girl devil named Etna joins them, Etna controls the Prinny's, souls who commited sins in life and are trying to earn their redemption and therefore work as servants. They're usually the one to make Laharl's food. Only in the last few episodes does the plot have a bit of substance, these strange sci-fi-like humans calling themselves "The Protectors of Earth" or something like that (they're too annoying to remember the name) invade the netherworld and try to control it. After that battle, Laharl decides (along with Etna and Flonne) that he wants to take over Earth and Heaven too. So they travel to heaven, meet the almightly Seraph, Flonne gets in trouble, Laharl has feelings...and then at the very end the series takes a complete 180 turn in the personalities of the characters. However most of the episodes are simply random characters trying to stop Laharl from becoming king and Laharl doing something very boring and unimpressive to stop them. The only particularly entertaining parts where when Laharl gets screwed over somehow.


     When you picture Hell (or the netherworld, as its called in Disgaea) you wouldn't picture a colorful, happy place with lots of towns and colorful characters and castles now would you? Thats exactly what it is in Disgaea though, so if for nothing else, I give them points for originallity...sort of. Most of the character designs are pretty unique, Laharl's probably being the most unimpressive. I personally enjoy the outfits of Etna and Flonne seeing as how they are probably the most creative. Probably the single most quirky part about the animation though is the Prinnies, they're these odd little penguin-like creatures wiith tiny devil wings and stick legs and are quite funny. Probably the worst drawn characters though also the most colorful, are the protectors of earth, Gordon, Jennifer and their robot Thursday. They look like tacky, cliche superheroes and Jennifer has strangely pointy breasts O.o The few fight scenes were terribly lacking, they were boring to watch, not very flashy and were annoyingly repetitive, I mean Laharl's a demon prince for Gods sakes, you'd think he'd have more than one or two attacks! And the only semi-special effect was this shiney purple light that is Laharl's attack, but even that looks crappy and unimpressive after an episode or two. And also, during the last few episodes there was some guy with a giant nose, green hair and a purple jacket...Who the heck designed this weirdo? And how the heck can we be expected to take him seriously?


     Ok this was hands down the worst part about this already suckish anime; the OP was annoying and sounded whiney in some parts, the ED...well I cant even remember much of that, but the beginning sounded like carnival music. The seiyuu chosen were also pretty annoying, the only voices that were actually any good were Flonne's and the Prinny's. The Prinny's voices I actually found somewhat entertaining, especially in the way that they added -su to the end of everything, which actually gave me a chuckle when Etna, Laharl and Flonne tried (and failed miserably) to replicate it. Etna's voice was whiney at times and at other times she sounded drunk, Mid-Boss constantly spoke French, which the French language (not people) is simply a personal pet peeve of mine and Laharl...well Laharl just annoyed me so its only natural that his voice would too, and usually it was heard whining for food or talking about how great he is. And that "maniacal" laugh of Laharl's...ugh, that was just horribly obnoxious and it sounded forced.


     Thank God! The section I've been waiting for where I get to viciously pick apart the annoying character that is Laharl! I'm not a fan of loudmouth characters in the first place, and this is exactly what Laharl is, he is loud, boystrous, over-confident, needy, greedy, ignorant, self-centered and a control freak. He is among the most annoying anime characters I've yet to come across. I think he has a serious Napolian Complex going on here cuz he is tiny, puny and grossly annorexic...and yet he tries to overpower everyone and become king. I usually enjoy characters who's pasts we know about because they're easier to sympathize with and they seem real, but this is not the case with Laharl, we know his past and he is still annoying. Etna's character, for me at least, is a major let-down, she is a classic example of "Don't judge a book by its cover"; by her appearance I thought she was going to be a cool, bad-ass, tomboy character I could enjoy...eeeeehhh, not so much. She's greedy and cheating, which is to be expected from a devil, but she doesn't do it in a cool way. We know a bit about her past in the way that some guy has a deep, dark secret of hers hidden away...and she becomes his whore when he uses it as blackmail! Flonne has a sort of cute, sweet aspect to her, which fits very nicely seeing aas she's an angel, and she actually had some parts that made me chuckle a bit, her gimmick is lecturing everybody about love, which is somewhat laughable when it annoys Laharl to no end. The Prinnies, as I said before are pretty funny characters, both in appearance and their funny, but futile attempts to be rebellious against Laharl, plus they can cook! Its funny to see a little penguin thing running around in an apron with a kitchen that comes from nowhere. Mid-Boss, albeit speaking French in the middle of sentances sometimes, is a pretty funny character, and one of the 3 that isn't annoying most of the time. Plus he always comes out of nowhere and his exits are usually in the form of a Team Rocket-esque being hurled into the sky by some sort of catastrophe. Lastly are Jennifer, Gordon and Thursday. Gordon is your steryotypical, nice-guy superhero...but he's a loud, annoying moron! And he's always trying to go afer Laharl, Flonne and Etna for no apparent reason, the only time he makes some sense is in the final episodes. Thursday is simply a robot with an annoying voice and Jennifer...well she's a slut. Hands down she's a slut, she's constantly trying to seduce Laharl and catch him off guard, she wears the skimpiest outfit out of anyone in the show and for what ever weird reason she has pointy breasts! Which she often compares to Flonne and Etna's lack-there-of. Sorry but I'd rather have no breasts than pointy ones.


     This series is a complete waste of time. I simply watched it because my friend likes it and plays the games and I wanted to have something ellse to talk with her about...BIG mistake on my part. This was a whole 12 episodes of annoying garbage. Not unbearable by any means, but there are far better things to spend time watching than this. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you've played the games. But if not, unless you're into suckish little kid shows, I'd suggest stearing clear of this one.

4/10 story
3/10 animation
1/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Rickoon Apr 10, 2010

I enjoyed the games, but I couldn't bring myself to finish the show because many of the reasons you stated in your review. I can say even fans probably won't appreciate this addition to the series. It's funny when I look back and realize that Midboss's antics are probably the only thing that got me through the 8-10 episodes I did watch.