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Feb 14, 2010


11Eyes probably has one of the most original stories I've seen in a while. It starts out as these two kids who get sucked into an evil, dark, parallel dimention called The Red Night. There are monsters there trying to attack them and stronger 'monsters' called The Black Knights who seem evil and want nothing more than to annihilate the protagonists. Gradully we meet more and more people (who attend the same school might I add) who are repeatedly sucked into The Red Night, and we learn that each of them have some sort of power, ranging from a mulitude of unique swords to immortallity to controlling fire and more! Every time The Red Night comes around, the main characters (later called "Fragments" by The Black Knights) have to defend their lives, battle the Black Knights and find out more about themselves and the mysterious girl trapped in a giant crystal. Once things start going really haywire for the Fragments and the entire Red Night, they find out that the girl in the Crystal is evil and she's trying to use them to bring the black moon (really the gate to hell) down on the earth to destroy it, so they're the bad guys and The Black Knights, trying to prevent this, are the goos guys. Talk about a plot twist, and is it just me or is that the most original way of destroying the world ever? I mean, first off, not only is the the black moon that the Fragments can see being a door to hell, but an evil 'witch' imprisioned in a crystal is trying to use the Fragments power, including Kakeru's Eye of Aeon to bring the gate to hell down on the world. If that's not an original twist to the "destroy the world" goal of most villans, I don't know what is. The world, which there are many of in this anime, each Fragment has their own world that they are the "ruler" of, each world being an alternate dimention. The story stayed fresh and intresting throughout all 12 episodes and had a mind-grabbing cliff-hanger at the end of each episode that just left you wanting more. It moved at a pretty fast pace so as to not get boring, but not too fast where you couldn't understand what was going on, and the story had an intresting way of pulling you in (much like The Red Night XD) so you almost felt like you were part of the action which simply intensified the "Wow! Factor" at every plot twist. The only real complaint about the plot I have is the ending, while it was very satesfying and left really no was slightly confusing in the way that there was about 2 or 3 different 'endings' in the last episode, all of which conflicted with eachother. Usually in the way of, 1+ characters would die...but then out of nowhere be alive again and in a completely different place with no explanation given. The final ending though was fairly satisfying.


I absolutely loved the animation in this series, it was clean, colorful (for the most part) very original and very very well drawn, especially the characters. The fight scenes were smooth and gripping to watch, especially those involving Kukuri, Misuzu or Yukiko. Alll the weapons and fighting styles of the characters were very original and beautifly drawn, and I have to give special attention to Misuzu's array of uniquely powered swords, they all had distinct looks but were still easily identifiable as katana, my personal favorite being the flaming one. Each character was very uniquely drawn to fit their part, the heroic Kakeru, the stoic and honorable Misuzu, the firey Takahisa and the childish and somewhat cute Yuka, all of their designs fit those personallities perfectly. Even the minor characters such as Kaori were very well drawn. The girls school uniforms were probably the most unique I've ever seen, sort of a cross between a pinkish maids dress and a gothic-lolita style dress with an inresting looking hat that just completed it. Lisolette's outfit was definatly the most extravagant, it's the textbook fashionable gothic lolita dress and fit her role nicely. The hair colors and styles also contributed greatly to the characters.


The sound was fair. Nothing really mind-blowing, the opening theme was cool, probably one of the better ones I've heard. The ending was just average at best, it started out really cool with a dramatic guitar part to end off the insane cliffhanger that finished each episode but then the rest of the song turns boring. I have to admit the only time I watched the ending in it's entirety was the last episode, because the real ending ending to the show, came after the ending theme. The voice acting was good, again, nothing really to rave about or criticize, it was average.


All of the characters were very solid and they all seemed so real and believeable thanks to the backstory that had been developed for pretty much all of them. And they all had very real seeming emotions towards one another and towards what was happening. Some characters you could be like "Wow! They're really cool!" and at the same time you could say "They're so annoying!" Or whatever. I personally found myself saying the latter a lot about Misuzu, while I acknowledge that she was very important, she just annoyed me at times since all she seemed to want sometimes was to whore herself up to Kakeru. Which leads me to my next poit of how real they seem, you can actually sympathize with these characters because they each have something to genuinly feel bad for, and yet they're not annoying or emo about it. I especially felt the greatest pity towards Yuka, trying so hard to get Kakeru to return her feelings for him, trying so hard to protect him, but always being outdone by Misuzu. I could genuinly feel Yuka's anger whenever Kakeru would get close to Misuzu. As I've said a million times, these characters suck you in, and they seem real; you can laugh with them, feel bad with them, feel angry with them, feel helpless with them, and feel resolve with them. They seem real and the character development is amazing for such a short series.


In a nutshell, I would have to say this is an amazing series. I would reccomend it to pretty-much anyone, except maybe hardcore Shoujo fans, but 11Eyes could even have something for them with the love triangle between Kakeru, Misuzu and Yuka, and the budding romance between Yukiko and Takahisa, and the tragic, lost-love past of Lisolette. I would especially reccomend this to those who are like me and enjoy lots of thinking while watching an anime. Or if you like to feel like you're part of the action and be at the edge of your seat each and every episode and have characters you can really empathize and sympathize with, this anime should find its way on your "Want To Watch" list. It has something for everybody and as long as you can handle fighting, some blood, dark-themes and a little bit of ecchi (not much) I would highly highly reccomend you watch 11Eyes.


9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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FakirGirl Sep 16, 2010

I agree with the others. I am not saying this to be hurtful or rude, but it is not polite or appropriate to include spoilers in a review. You essentially gave away the entire plot of this show and ruined it for every single person who reads this review.

(As a side note, people who complain about this are not "pansies". It is not courteous to spoil something for others; this is common knowledge and common sense. It's an unwritten standard that a person will not give away a major twist. If people wanted to know the major twists and have things spoiled, they would go on Wikipedia or other sites and look for those spoilers, which aren't terribly hard to find in many cases. By reading a review, and not a spoiler page, the viewer is trying to get a feel for the anime and is not trying to spoil it for himself or herself).

Anime reviews are not supposed to be about spoiling a show for those who have never seen it. They are intended to give potential viewers an inkling of what it is about; reviews can also be useful to point out certain elements that some viewers may wish to avoid, such as graphic sex or violence. People do not read reviews expecting to have everything given away: they read reviews to get a better sense of what the anime is about. To use an analogy, they aren't coming for the 'main course', but are coming just for an 'appetizer'.

A fair compromise would be to give a spoiler warning before the spoiler is revealed, and to also mark the end of the spoiler so that people can read your review without ruining the whole show for themselves.

Also, a good reviewer will know how to give information without ruining the entire show. A good review will pique the audience's curiosity, but will not destroy it completely. There are ways of writing a comprehensive and detailed review without ruining major surprises and twists.

Zerocrossings Jul 18, 2010

Are you kidding me? You basically described the entire plot out to everyone unfortunate enough to read this. And you dont even seem to know the reason why reviews exist. Its for people who havent seen the show and wants to decide if its worth their time or not.

So no, your post doesnt make any goddamn sense. Way to be an ass, i was trying to be nice but now i have to be frank and say that your review is godawful. Even if yu want to put spoilers at least give a warning. The "Story" section is not for you to describe the plot out to everyone, if you cant even understand this you should not write reviews.

I feel sorry for the people who got spoiled by this inconsiderate user, but dont worry, this anime is crap so you arent missing out on much.

Sasukefanx12 Jun 30, 2010

To all you people complaining about spoilers: please stop being pansies. First off I did not spoil the who series for if I did I would've had to take a lot more space than that because it is so complex. Secondly: Reviews are written to express the writers oppinion of the bad and good points of the story, if one of those bad or good points happens to come later in the series and they feel the reader should be notefied of this, or if it can drastically change one's oppinion of the series, it has every right to be in there as long as it's relevant. Simple: If you don't want ANY spoilers...DONT READ REVIEWS, makes sense right? And don't say proper reviews don't contain spoiler's cuz that's a load of crap, I've read official site reviews with spoilers so there. Either deal with them, stop complaining like a pansy and feeling bad for yourself and whining "waaah now I can't watch it *sniffle*" , or simply dont read any reveiws to avoid that risk. Because believe it or not there are in fact some people who don't mind, and there are in fact some people who want to watch the show MORE after hearing a good spoiler.

Telperienh Jun 30, 2010

:/ I was about to watch this one because of alot of people i know recommending it... but you basically told me everything that happens in the anime so its meningless now, please put in a spoiler tag next time.

Zerocrossings Apr 13, 2010

Your review contains a pretty huge spoiler, which i think people should be warned about. Or better yet, dont put them in in the first place, its a review for people who havent watch it after all. ;)