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I'm TK from Australia 
-old bio terminated- 

I am an anime lover/fangirl(guy in my case)/otaku and all of the above. I am also into manga (dah), web comics and cosplay.

My personal favourite animes are: Angel Beats, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, High School of the Dead, Another and Senki Zesshou Symphogear,. For the extended list of all my favourite anime have a quick look in my lists~ my prefered genre is fantasy and supernatural but I am open to watching almost anything and there is nothing I will say no to unless it is soul scarring and traumatisingly wrong. Same goes with manga. I am open to recomendations ^.^

Music wise, I am into vocaloid, most Japanese music and alt rock and pretty much anything that comes out of euroision (whoops i just mde myself lamer XD). Again i listen most kinds of music and will probably give most songs a chance.

My likes include food, cannot stress food enough XD. I like to write novels in my down time and i draw a bit too. I am a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan. I am also  into the Final Fantasy fandom too. Aside from these I also play The World Ends With You, Osu, LOL and anything pokemon just to name a few.

Anyways thank you for giving up your time to read my bio. If you  wanna talk to ask me something feel free to ask and yeaaaah 


(I am sorry for all spelling mistakes. I am sure they are there ^.^")

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MageOnx Mar 20, 2014

Man, we have got to fix this late replying stuff.... XD 

I am so happy that you were so happy when you wrote to me! XDXD (wow, I am thought of highly... XDXD) 

Just my-pace through that high school. ;) Fellow Disney lover! *grabs your hands and starts jumping up and down* I am 19 and I still like Disney, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. NOTHING.While I'm also a procrastinator, that usually goes on TV or anime, so compared to gaming, there is no progress achieved whatsoever? My procrastinating is completely static. XpIt's good to hear that you had a good time at your retreat. :) You should use a strong factor, all the time. ^^' I can't last even 10 mins on strong sun without sunburn, so I make sure to protect myself with factor + hat + some sort of long-sleeved, frilly thing that will both cover me and not make me hot under it. And sunglasses. *puts them on*Oh yes, my allergies have kicked in again due to wonderful weather and the flowers. I shall fight. *dramatic drum music*Uni is full on, but not because of the number of subjects. XD Our faculty actually has the least amount of subjects on the university.  :p

No reference intended (though I am also not quite sure what are we trying to say here XDXD). I pursue originality. *puts on sunglasses* ........ (that was so cliché!!) 

Good for you about the uni. ;) I am really looking forward to that part of your life, I really hope it becomes amazing. :D 

No coffee marathons!! They're no good for the health! (<-- partly intended for myself also) 

I think you mean "adieu". XD I fixed my sleeping pattern too. :D :D OMG, something is happening!! XDXD

(But it took me a couple of readings to understand everything you were trying to say here, it was on a whole other level tougher than before XD) 

Byes!~~ <3 <3 <3

MageOnx Feb 23, 2014

Ooooh-kayyy, officially a month and a day late..... So no hard feelings on my side, and I hope none are on yours too. ^^' [I'M SORRY!!] 

Feeling.... Good, I guess. :) Kind of neutral, actually. :D It's refreshing to see you chipper, you should do that more often. Xp 

I hope school is working out well for you. :) Excuse you, Disney classics FTW! XDXD I am proud I grew up on those cartoons and I don't care what any of the haters say! Xp Hmm, yes, gaming can be addicting and exhausting.... XD Luckily, I don't have that problem, because I am very picky when it comes to games (currently playing nothing). ^u^'  Have you already been to the retreat? :3 I hope you survived.... ^^' Any luck with drawing and writing? :D Uni is going great, I've successfully passed my first week of 2nd semster. :D I like the subjects in general;  Statistics is more interesting than Algebra from last semester, and Typography and Oral & Written Expression are so much fun! I also have Art History (I will have to study this more carefully), and Digital Illustration. :) I will try not to overwork myself like last semster. ^^' All classes are in the morning, so I have more time in the day. :) All in all, it feels like I'm in second year, and not in second semester. XDXD Thank you for cheering me on, I'm cheering you on too!! ^(>u<)^ Despite the major late, I am still thinking about it, and it WILL happen, even if it happens 10 years from now (which I really hope won't be the case Xp). 

Inconsistency FTW!! XDXD Uni is definitelly more relaxed than high school. :) Just go for what you like, and you won't have much trouble studying either. ;) 

I will never do that again! :D I'll try to relay it to a couple days, so I don't strain myself. ^^' It's not a pretty feeling at all, don't do it! XD (hahaha, that's good XD) // Shouts support after him, waving a handkerchief //

Byes!~ <3<3 

MageOnx Jan 8, 2014

And a rather later Happy Holidays to you! 

*silent screaming* (OMG I'm sorryyy...)

I hope you got to relax and watch something over the break. :) Are you still on break? I forgot how it works in high school.... XDXD  I'm studying graphic design... :) *blank mind* It's good..... =u= *empty smile**zzzzzzzzzzz**plop* OMG, I still have work to do!!  Haha, but seriously, thank you for your support! ;) I have never drawn this much at once in my life, and I honestly like the feeling. Hopefully, some of the promised stuff will surface in-between all the projects soon.... ^////^'  

Haha, it happens. XD Are you still managing a page a week? :3 I sure hope so, as a supporter! XDXD Uni is a challenge, that's for sure, but it's nothing grave. :) To be honest, even though I'm doing it my all, high school was still harder. Xp

 Hahaha, don't worry, I bounced back thanks to studying. XD A 17-page seminar paper in 9 hours, my personal best. XDXD Good luck with year 12. :) *grabs pom-poms out of nowhere**stares excitedly for a second* GO GO T.K., GOOOOOOOO!!~~~~ XDXD(please don't mind me, I am introducing coffee to my system.... Xp)

 XD <3 <3

MageOnx Nov 13, 2013

Oh wow, I think we're starting to break some records with replying here! :D I think this is my shortest time yet! XDD Why is not having any distractions a bad thing? XD No more excuses? XDDWell, I feel you with the anime. I barely have time too, which is why I'm barely on this site lately. And despite my Watching list, I'm only watching a couple of episodes every few weeks of only one anime, so.... *shrugs*Uni has been busy. Xp Projects, seminar papers, homeworks, extra-curricular (obligatory) lectures, studying, etc. :p But I'm actually not complaning, despite the inital sound of this. Xp I'm good, because I'm studying what I'm interested in. :) The competition in my class is great, though, so I've already shed some tears over my lack of practical skills, but I'm far from giving up. -^-^- 

OMG a chapter(ish) a week?! OoO I have never had that speedy process on my record!! XDD Consider yourself great. XDD Meeeh.... I don't have that much time for character maps anymore. XD That was the beginning of the new semester, so after the mock-exams, things have really become heated up here. ^,^' But hey, whenever there's time and strength, I do what I can. :) Thanks. As soon as I have something done, I'll mail you. :)

I hope you were able to see some friends by now. ^^'XDDDDD Aaaah, but the light is so tempting as welll~~ XDDDDDDThank you for the wonderful wishes, I wish you too all the best with everything that yu want & need to do. :)

Faito, T.K.! (see, I haven't forgotten your name! XDD) (don't tell me you have it written on your profile, because know that I haven't looked! Xp)


MageOnx Oct 25, 2013

Hi, me again, and late again, gomen. ^^' I understand 10000000% what you mean with all the distractions. :) I have started uni and have a lot of projects, so that's what's been going on lately. Sorry about the mail, I know I've kept you waiting for ridiculously long. :(

Thank you. ^///^ I am honered that you think so highly of me. Xp ^//^' Sisters, huh? :) Same criteria here. XD  Don't worry about anything, just take your own time, I for one am not rushing anywhere. Xp  Thank you!~ -^-^- I'm really glad that you like my ideas. :) I've been doing schoolwork, homework and character maps lately. :) Do you think that it might be a good idea to just scan, crop and cut the character maps and customise a word doc that would serve like a description for the ideas I want to show you, other than creating everything from scratch? :) Saves time to me at least, I think it's worth trying. :p

Everyone is weird. :) Some people are just good at hiding it, and others don't fear to show it. Xp

I wish you the best of luck with all your work and with your friends and editors. -^u^-


The day people converted me from staying up late, I can't stay up longer than 5am anymore!! XDXD I used to be so much more durable! XDXD