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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

18 APR

H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

I was first lured into this anime by my friend, who claimed that this was an incredibly sad story that would make me emotionally unstable by the time I finished.

Are they correct?


At first, the anime introduces its characters:

  • Takuma Hirose - A blind boy who is currently residing in the town with his uncle
  • Hayami Kohinata - A girl who is frequently bullied because of her family's wrongdoings; she is generally cold to the general public and doesn't care whether or not she gets hurt.
  • Hinata Kagura - The village head's daughter, formerly Hayami's friend before everyone decided to bully her because of certain reasons.
  • Otoha - A 'spirit' who only Takuma is able to see; she aids him in his times of need and also does something that determines the ending of the anime.

Give this anime a chance- there may be some bad reviews, but it really is a wonderful slice-of-life and romantic show.

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User Review Scores

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  • Overall 9.5/10


flaze avatar flaze
Jan 6, 2013


-In defense of this anime, I partially disagree with your first point.

-"The blind boy falling into every set of boobs or muff diving every girl" is called fanservice.

-The animation is not that bad if you don't focus on it.

-I don't understand what you mean by the music being ambiguous. The brain numingly boring part is subjective. I didn't have any problem with it.

Having said that, I do agree that the voices can get annoying, some characters are poorly developed, and worst of all, there are countless plotholes left unexplained.

I'd give it a 2/10. Please take into consideration that quality and entertainment are 2 different things. The 2 is for quality. As for entertainment, giving it a 6 would be generous.

Shadowfoot avatar Shadowfoot
Apr 19, 2012

Sorry, just to explain why this is a bad anime. Firstly it has some of the most one dimensional characters ever! They are as flat and blank as a sheet of paper. Secondly, the story is NOT heart warming, its stupid and filled with many many cliches. And whats with the blind boy falling into every set of boobs or muff diving every girl? Thirdly, the animation is sub par for such a "recent" anime, I could draw better when I was in kindergarten. Lastly, the. music is ambigious and brain numbingly boring and the voice actors are like a band of screeching banshees.

Shadowfoot avatar Shadowfoot
Apr 19, 2012

W-w-what the h-h-hell are you recommending people?

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