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Hi all !



Hmm how shall i start?

My name is Fredrik and i live in Sweden.I am 21 years old. And i was just finished with the military, and now am i in Japan. To study Japanese . That's not so imortant for you to know, but anyway!!

Things i like is:

 .....Anime,manga,watch tv,play video and pc games.

..........The other side of me likes to party, and be crazy. And travel to new places and kulture. See the World!

.......I also like to train my body, by runing and to train on gym. I also like martial ars, i studied kung fu before and maby im gonna start again. Im not so good at it but its a great way to train and it´s fun. I like to have a strong mind and body! But im not a traning nerd, i like to just slack and take it easy

...............And ofcourse i like cute ladies

Good anime in diffrent taste:

          Fighting/superpower = Dragonball Zzzz

          Fighting/Comedy = One piece

          Dark anime and smart= Death Note

          Pervert and echii = Great teacher Onizuka

          Romance = Basou Renking . Dont now if you can count "Basou renkin" in to this catagory but i like anime when the lovestory come to an point when you can see thier felings and they kiss and "love is in the air" hehe well well hope you understand. Its the opposite of Naruto. You think naruto will end up with Hinata, there are so many signs but nothing happends and that sucks. But in Basou renkin it does and its a good action fighting show to.

          Why am i here?

 First reason is that i love anime and manga. And this site is a good waay to keep track on what I've seen and what i would like to see next. And its fun to talk with people who have seen much anime. So please write commendations and stuff! I like all kind of animes so keep in touch!


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Seshio Nov 12, 2011

Depends, what do you like??

Seshio Apr 27, 2011

Well hello back!  Sorry this is super late! New email + old email + anime-planet account on old email =  no good!

wolfangel87 Jan 31, 2010

Just been working a lot, finally have been able to start watching some anime again.  How have you been?

wolfangel87 Aug 2, 2009

Oh wow!  Japan that sounds amazing!!!!

Ailly Aug 2, 2009


Nothing really happens here, so you don't even need to ask =P Vacation is almost over, me is sad T_T But I'm going to China in 2 weeks! That'll be fun ^^

What 'bout you?