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Hello! Welcome to my humble page! A pleasure to meet you. (Likely not,but we will start with that, mm?) I am known as Sanjo, though I also am called Blue Seeker or Blue at times as well. You may use any of the above. If you want to some how get creative or lazy, go for it, you would not be the first heh. A few "names" some of my past acquaintances have come up with: Jojo, Banjo, Bleu, San, Sanj, Janjo, stupid, Seeks, BlueS.

Anyway, I'm a Full Sail student (read: prisoner) studying web design. What is Full Sail? Google will tell you a college. Google lies.I'd describe myself as a calm(or not) and easy going guy, but things important to me I tend to take seriously, much to the annoyance of others at times.

My top interests include reading and writing, as well as obviously anime. I am also a heavy gamer.As far as anime goes, I prefer high quality story above all else. Comedy tends to be rather popular among us otaku, but as much as I enjoy laughing I highly prefer a deep and involving story, or just a story told extremely well such as in Gungrave.

Some boring facts about me? No, I will pass, thanks. Have a nice day, and seriously, thank you for taking the time to read all this. Oh, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Yes, it is on. If you feel like losing to Sonic anytime, I am always up for a friend code swap.

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domon65 Jun 25, 2008

oh thats what it is

domon65 Jun 22, 2008

wat us :c?

domon65 May 8, 2008

I'll be getting AoC next week as well so I probably won't catch up to you assuming I like it enough to keep playing.

domon65 May 7, 2008

We'll see, I haven't found any anime that I like thats already finished. I'm kinda just sitting around waiting for the new episodes of the stuff I'm watching now to come out.

domon65 May 6, 2008

oh man im 6 days behind you >_<