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Never was too good at these profile things, but what the hell, I'll give it a shot ^_^

Name's SK for those who are curious; no dear friends that's not my REAL name, but of course I wouldn't give that out on these here internets! Silly silly!

Anyway, I'm just a simple female of the human species who accidentally discovered anime by disobeying her mother and staying up an extra half hour to watch a little something called Inuyasha. It was on that night that I found a passion that would not only lead to the wasting of over two months of my life in front of a computer watching anime, but to the love of a culture I paid no mind to. It was through this that my adoration for the country of Japan, and everything it holds behind its once closed doors began.

I was lucky enough to discover this site thanks to a friend, and I must say it's THE BESTEST. It's about time that I found a place to help me organize just what the H-E- double hockey stick I'm watching. For someone like myself with the organization skills of a mop dipped in chocolate, it's pretty freakin' sweet.

So, I guess that about sums it up! ^_^ Love to talk, so if you're in the mood for a conversation, more often than not, I'm free ^_^

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356 total

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Toland Feb 7, 2008

Heh your profile got a laugh at of me, GJ ^_^

UberSocks Feb 6, 2008

Heyy sorry about late reply been swamped with coursework

Its all like due in on the same day T_T

Funny tho how colour can put us off something xD

Shame really cause the anime could be good but we'd never know x]

UberSocks Feb 3, 2008

LOL I remember that episode now x]

Same I'll watch almost anything as long as the artwork is newish. I'm not all that keen on the old style anime where the colours not every bright. I tend to swing to the comedy side of anime cause I just love laughing lmao

I'm so gonna pick up Excel Saga soon I just started downloading it again LOLL

UberSocks Feb 2, 2008

Hi there x]

I love your dp. Isnt it from the eye stigma episode? xD

Wow injuring her voice while playing Excel is kinda freaky

I havnt watched Excel Saga for a while now cause I've been busy with GCSEs T_T, gonna have to start again LOLL

What kind of anime are you into then, comedy? x]

sothis Jan 13, 2008

Great first recommendations! It always impresses me when someone so young (haha, well young compared to me! ^_^) can write so well! Great work!

By the way, did you know we have a whole section of custom signature backgrounds for lots of anime? Just go here ^_^