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ain't much to say. i watch anime and play games. wooh

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MADox May 12, 2011

hahaha good luck with that! :D

do you download or stream your anime?? i tend to prefer downloading beacuse you can watch them whenever, even when you dont have internet

MADox May 11, 2011

Cool. I think ill try out hellsing, it sounds pretty good :)

I need more time for anime though cause I like well...don't have enough time, except for on sundays... :)

MADox Dec 29, 2010

Haha ^_^

I don't check my profile often either really, I don't go on here much though :(

Huh, is the Disgaea anime good?? JW becuase I beat the first game and all and am playing the second on my PSP but I watched the first episode and it already covered like over half the first game. :/ But I guess the game probably doesn't folow the anime much. So now I'm totally confusing myself (:

ttyl :]



MADox Apr 3, 2010

hey, uhhh, just randomly dropping buy to say hello. is bleach a good series, im gonna try watching that, ive seen it before somewhere else so...

i agree with tachikoma(that name sounds familiar, where have i heard it before), it is great to meet new people!!! how about a two-year late welcome to AP, sounds great right?! well actually i just made my account today so...

later :)


1010rikku Jan 10, 2008

*waves to new member from Norway*

Greetings from Montreal, Canada!!! You bio made me giggle, the comment about the hair being different everyday wether you like it or not...I know what you mean :P

Hope you like it here, great place to chat with other anime fans and choose the next new series you wanna watch! Feel free to drop me a comment if you have a comment or just want to chat ;)