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Hello there. I am right now a Computer Science student at Purdue University. In much of my spare time, I watch anime, and also play video games (among other things, like read great pieces of literature). I was initially drawn to Anime Planet because of the time keeping tool that allows me to see about how much time I have spent watching anime. I also really liked how I could keep track of all the shows I've watched, as my memory isn't so great. Since I've joined, I've spent a great deal of time on the site finding new anime to watch and reading reviews, which I think are really high quality.

My top 5 list I only made out of a sort of sense of duty to the profile page. Indeed, I can't be expected to remember every anime I have ever watched, as well as how i felt while watching each anime. Also the anime that I really like are rather hard to rank over each other, so if I had it my way, those top 5 would probably all share the number 1 slot along with other shows that I highly enjoyed.

My knowledge of Japanese is rather limited. I am currently taking my 2nd japanese class at my school, and I have plans to minor in Japanese, as well as study abroad in Japan eventually. I think watching anime has really helped me with my knowledge of japanese. I also listen to J-rock, though that is pretty new to me. My favorite band so far is The Pillows, which i suppose isn't suprising considering my avatar, and my second favorite so far is Mr. Children.

Favorite voice actors:

Steven Blum (Spike, Cowboy Bebop; shishio, samurai X)

Kirk Thornton (Jin, Samurai Champloo; Brandon Heat, Gungrave)

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Motoko Kusanagi, GitS)

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sothis Jan 25, 2008

Well then, I'm glad you decided to participate! ^_^

An easy way to dive into the realm of helping out on the site is by helping add the actual entries to the database... this requires you to write a synopsis from scratch and take some screenshots. There is a TON of stuff missing from the database (though keep in mind for brand new titles, we wait at least 3 episodes before adding), and it earns you points you can exchange towards DVDs.

If you are interested in that, check out the how to add anime page (it's long, but usually how it works is you submit one, i give feedback, and then you learn and it's easy next time :p)

Feel free to jump into recs too - if there's something that needs to be changed, you'll get feedback from me personally :)

Glad to have you here!

1010rikku Jan 25, 2008 you mean it as in an eye injury that happened at the beach, or in the fairy tale sandman who comes and gets little children who have not fallen asleep.... *wonders*

OH! Sorry, I digress! Great anime list, you got some pretty sweet title there friend. I am anxious to find out which make it to your top 5. (hopefully some same ones as me :P)

Looking forward to your recs!! 

tetra Jan 25, 2008

I like you!

 Not only do you have flcl as avatar, you want to make recs and do stuff around here! I think that you will write absolutely acceptable recommendations, the moderation is there to make sure that there are no grammar errors, unclear meanings or rule-breaking in the rec. We have had thirteenyear olds with english as their second language writing recs. The important thing is that the reader understand what the writer want to tell, and that the writer actually have something to tell ;)

Welcome to us, and I hope to see much more from you!