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Hello there. I am right now a Computer Science student at Purdue University. In much of my spare time, I watch anime, and also play video games (among other things, like read great pieces of literature). I was initially drawn to Anime Planet because of the time keeping tool that allows me to see about how much time I have spent watching anime. I also really liked how I could keep track of all the shows I've watched, as my memory isn't so great. Since I've joined, I've spent a great deal of time on the site finding new anime to watch and reading reviews, which I think are really high quality.

My top 5 list I only made out of a sort of sense of duty to the profile page. Indeed, I can't be expected to remember every anime I have ever watched, as well as how i felt while watching each anime. Also the anime that I really like are rather hard to rank over each other, so if I had it my way, those top 5 would probably all share the number 1 slot along with other shows that I highly enjoyed.

My knowledge of Japanese is rather limited. I am currently taking my 2nd japanese class at my school, and I have plans to minor in Japanese, as well as study abroad in Japan eventually. I think watching anime has really helped me with my knowledge of japanese. I also listen to J-rock, though that is pretty new to me. My favorite band so far is The Pillows, which i suppose isn't suprising considering my avatar, and my second favorite so far is Mr. Children.

Favorite voice actors:

Steven Blum (Spike, Cowboy Bebop; shishio, samurai X)

Kirk Thornton (Jin, Samurai Champloo; Brandon Heat, Gungrave)

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Motoko Kusanagi, GitS)

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MalteseFalcon Jan 26, 2008

Here for less than 24 hours and already making recommendations? Fantastic! Welcome to AP, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :)

mariprosa Jan 26, 2008

Welcome to A-P again, and I just wanted to comment that I really like your profile-nice collection of anime you've watched as well.

Hope you have a good one and hope to see you around A-P more!

Escaflowne Jan 26, 2008

welcome to Anime Planet,man!

 i love that picture of naota with the is also my avatar on msn :)

oh,and nice top5 ^^

Sheex Jan 25, 2008

Haha.  I actually got her...four? years ago after my previous cat (the family cat) had to be put to sleep for medical reasons.  I don't remember exactly what caused it, but I felt the urge to get my own cat and name her Kira.  Not why sure, but I've always liked that name.  I made it clear ahead of time she would be my cat, and thus I would be the one to name her.  It worked well. XD

Sheex Jan 25, 2008

You flatter me! =P

Great that you've decided to help out, though.  Welcome to A-P!