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Hello there. I am right now a Computer Science student at Purdue University. In much of my spare time, I watch anime, and also play video games (among other things, like read great pieces of literature). I was initially drawn to Anime Planet because of the time keeping tool that allows me to see about how much time I have spent watching anime. I also really liked how I could keep track of all the shows I've watched, as my memory isn't so great. Since I've joined, I've spent a great deal of time on the site finding new anime to watch and reading reviews, which I think are really high quality.

My top 5 list I only made out of a sort of sense of duty to the profile page. Indeed, I can't be expected to remember every anime I have ever watched, as well as how i felt while watching each anime. Also the anime that I really like are rather hard to rank over each other, so if I had it my way, those top 5 would probably all share the number 1 slot along with other shows that I highly enjoyed.

My knowledge of Japanese is rather limited. I am currently taking my 2nd japanese class at my school, and I have plans to minor in Japanese, as well as study abroad in Japan eventually. I think watching anime has really helped me with my knowledge of japanese. I also listen to J-rock, though that is pretty new to me. My favorite band so far is The Pillows, which i suppose isn't suprising considering my avatar, and my second favorite so far is Mr. Children.

Favorite voice actors:

Steven Blum (Spike, Cowboy Bebop; shishio, samurai X)

Kirk Thornton (Jin, Samurai Champloo; Brandon Heat, Gungrave)

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Motoko Kusanagi, GitS)

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Kivan Jan 30, 2008

Love Champloo and I'm gonna see Wolf's Rain soon... I hope in the next couple of months :) Good luck with your japanes...I wanna go tojapan 75% of people on this site heheh :) Btw.... one of the rare J-rock (metal) bands I like is Show-Ya... except for Japanese jazz/rock artists like Takashi Matsumoto, Munetaka Higuchi, Korekata Hirokuni, and Ryuichi Sakamoto has some nice acidjazz easy going background music (he got an Oscar together with Byrne (from talking heads) and another guy for The Last Emperor Of China) :)

anyway.... welcome :) 

1010rikku Jan 28, 2008

As long as Samurai made it, and I realled loved FLCL, I guess we can still get along :P

I am actually seeing a tattoo artist this Friday regarding getting a cute Fuu tattoo. Want to make sure the dude can actually draw some decent anime, because as you know, it's very important to get the animation style correct, and the eyes totally on point, or else it just looks...weird!!  

For the record, adore your avatar. Hope you like it here, we are a good bunch, I see you already made quite a few friends :P 

wolfangel87 Jan 26, 2008

Haha, yeah, I am kind of one of those dorky people that like to go through lists, plus I have not really watched anime for that long (only about a year) so I really did not know what different shows were out there or what I would like to watch, as you can see there are quite a few I would ove to watch ^_^

wolfangel87 Jan 26, 2008

Nice to see you in the forums!

tetra Jan 26, 2008

That is because it is still on my want to watch list ;) Very high on my want to watch actually. So many has compared it with Mushishi (which might be the most brilliant and fantastic anime ever made) and haibane renmei that I have become really curious.

Thank you for liking my way of sorting the list! It feels so silly (and totally impossible) to compare an anime like FLCL with Saiyuki and/or with  Grave of the Firefly and try to say if one is better than the other. So I decide for a theme and list the best anime that fits the theme. And then change theme every now and then. It is kind of fun, the people I talk to now who like my top5 is totally different from the people that liked my shounen ai list or my high-school comedy list.