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6 - 20

You can't just have 5 favourite anime, so here's 15 more!!! :-)

(in no particular order)

6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

7. Bamboo Blade

8. Voices of a Distant Star

9. Ergo Proxy

10. Paranoia Agent

11. Full Metal Alchemist

12. Elfen Lied

13. Lovely Complex

14. Death Note

15. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

16. Black Lagoon 1 and 2

17. Get Backers

18. Grave of the Fireflies

19. 5 Centimeters Per Second

20. Ichigo Mashimaro

Anime Newbie

I'm relatively new to anime (early 2007) when I was introduced to Cowboy Bebop. Even at that stage it was a slow transition, since I still had not "got what all the fuss was about". I subsequently dropped Cowboy Bebop after a few episodes, and picked it up again a couple of months later, and suddenly I found myself looking forward to the next episode!

Now I cannot get enough! hehe

The Type of Anime I Enjoy

I enjoy the character driven anime, with long over-arching storylines, with edge-of-the-seat drama and didn't-see-that-coming plot twists.

That isn't to say, however, that I wouldn't enjoy an anime like Azumanga Daioh, which is hilarious and currently enjoys (at the time of this writing) 4th position in my top 5 favourite anime.

I also enjoy the more poignant, heart-felt, bitter-sweet, balling-my-eyes-out type of anime - lots of drama and teary moments.

Background Info on Me

I am a freelance graphic designer, with a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a Degree in Computer Science, and a Diploma in Multimedia. I also come from an IT (Information Technology) background, and have spent much of my career as a computer programmer.

I have an interest in anything creative, such as reading/writing, playing the piano and computer generated art. I would love to try my hand at painting or sculpting someday...

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noone May 24, 2008

lol, getting into manga... now, THAt will change your entire perspective, i can predict this. manga is so much better than the anime (assuming there is an anime based on that manga), it's fast-addictive and pretty soon you won't be watching anime at all but reading only manga :D

 ... if i wasn't in such a backwater place and idn't have real life issues, i'd bury myself in manga :D

 what are your favorite themes, in manga?

Bixie May 22, 2008

Omg, I feel the same way! I'm having way too much fun on this forum and it's taking up my anime viewing time and real life. How true that is.  Yea, I added you this evening. I swear, I discover new things to do on this website.  This place is awesome!  Bixie

Rhesian May 21, 2008

Hi.  First off, great signature!  I wanted to make a Monster sig but I couldn't find a good pic to edit.

I think you and I had very similar anime introductions... and probably very similar anime interests.  I'm looking forward to seeing which anime you like and hope my list may help you out as well.

noone May 21, 2008

Thanks for the visit & comment :)

I didn't actually start watching anime so much until last year, after my internet connection got upgraded, but i do go for complete series, in night-by-night sessions lol. (I am a night bird, can you tell :D)

So there's hope for you yet :D

Come and catch me :D

(my first watch and be caught was InuYasha :D - am I a kid or what? ^^)

EDIT: ohhhh you're watching "Samurai Champloo" - that's a GREAT anime :)

yaikai May 21, 2008

I've read on the forum u wanted to find some1 that has watched less anime as you, so... tadaaa :D :P

Every1 has to start somewhere, those guys with 500+ series under their belt also watched only 1 episode (prolly way back aswell) so nothing to worry about ;)

Greetz, Kai