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   Hello, I'm Loche. Well, not really -- but I've been using that name as an alias ever since my long-past days as a high school student, so it should serve as a decent handle on Anime-Planet. =3

   As of this writing, I've only been interested in Anime for a few months. Before 2013, my only experience with this medium was Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and other such shows which I watched when I was a kid. After that, I went through a long term of general disinterest for anime as a whole, as well as an unhealthy contempt for anything related to Otaku culture.

   That all changed last winter, when I found myself starved for entertainment. My friend/roommate/future-sister-in-law recommended the show "Ouran High School Host Club". I found it (unexpectedly) entertaining! I wanted more, and being both unemployed and prone to nearly-obsessive focus, I had quickly exhausted the meager supply of anime available on Netflix.

   My next stop was google, where I tried looking for "Anime similar to 'Last Exile'" -- the last, and most impressive anime that I found on Netflix. That search led me to Anime-Planet, and well... I've been trapped here ever since, caught in an unending loop of finding a wonderful new anime to watch, searching for 'similar' anime, and so on.

   Getting back to the point, my name is Loche and I am thrilled to meet you all!

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