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May 1, 2013

Definitely a must watch.


The story follows the adventure of Rintarou Okabe (Hououin Kyouma), self proclaimed mad scientist and all around eccentric individual and his lab members as they journey through the intrigues of time travel. However, the deeper they dig into the rabbit hole, they witness first hand the butterfly effect as things quickly spiral out of control.

Time travel has always been a heavily scrutinised area in sci fi as many theories exist and people have their own favourites, however Steins;Gate's theory of time travel is, as far as I am aware, relatively unique. However, for the sake of the review I will refrain from explaining it as it contains some spoilers. But know that it is by far my favourite theory and it's actually difficult for me to watch other shows that feature time travel without thinking of this theory. 

Unfortunately, I can't talk too much about the plot without giving too much away. The only problem I found with the story is that it took a long time for it to get going. Granted, they spent a lot of time establishing the characters, which is all worthwhile in the long run, but as I was watching it, it did feel like it dragged on. However, once it hit roughly episode 9, the whole story kicks heavily into gear. Like being blindfolded, kicked in the crotch then told to run for your life. Once everything gets rolling, you'll be stuck to the screen, constantly guessing what will happen next. Moments that will have you laughing till it hurts (at Okabe's laugh especially) and crying your eyes out, this is a story you will never, ever forget.


Relatively modern artwork and the expressions are all done masterfully. However, what really stuck out for me in terms of animation is the colouring. The entire series is animated with an aura of white which sets the mood perfectly. Most movies are shot with a certain hue, such as apocolypic films are shot with a very grey tint, which subconcsiously sets the mood. It feels very modern, cold, open and relatively futuristic.


Again, with my other reviews, I can't really remember much of the specific music during the anime, but if I enjoyed the anime as a whole, then the sound must normally be equal to the rest of the show. However, I gave the sound 10/10 for the intro and outro. Definitely one of the best intro's and outro's I have ever seen, I felt compelled to watch them every time because the music invokes such emotions that coincide with the show beautifully. 


Trying to keep as brief as possible, the show keeps the cast relatively small which means it is easy to keep up with each individual character. But rarely before have I seen such intricate and satisfying character development in an Anime. For example, for Okabe, he starts of very eccentric and happy go lucky, however as  the show goes on, he becomes more serious and determined and detached. Kurisu as well, a character who I initially disliked, really really grew on me to the point where she is now one of my favourite female characters in Anime. A diverse and interesting cast who you genuinely grow to care for makes this show an amazing watch.

Dubbed or Subbed?

Subbed, hands down. Granted I haven't seen the dubbed version all the way through, but i've seen enough to know that it doesn't capture the same emotion and expression as the subbed version does. 

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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johnnyreb88 Jun 25, 2013

To each his own but hafta say that I do not agree at all with your "subbed, hands down" verdict.  I generally watch 99.999% of my animes subbed but the english voice actors for Steins;Gate did such a helluva job it was recommended to me to watch in English Dub and it BLEW MY MIND. The translations are top notch and they say the damndest funniest things. GREAT ANIME, id give it an overall 11/10 solong as you are patient enough to get through the (dreadfully?) slow paced start. Just bite your lip through the first few episodes until the ball gets rolling and you will NOT regret it! xD

SolsticeFire May 1, 2013

Great Review! Thanks! I'll give this a try. Any other recommendations? Currently watching Cowboy Bebop - loving it! :D