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Bamboo Blade

Mar 6, 2013

Worth watching.

The first thing you must know before watching Bamboo Blade is it's audience. The show is designed to be a comedy/slice of life (in a way) in which we follow the adventures and life of a high school all girl kendo team and it's surprising all star fighter Tamaki Kawazoe. Admittedly, the show may be a little slow to grab the watchers attention but is totally worth it. The story is nothing too noteworthy: Finding the final member of the team, fulfilling the sensei's bet and trying the national championship. Don't get me wrong, it's relatively solid with some interesting points such as the emergence of the American kendo player and the mysterious Rival to the seemingly unbeatable Tamaki.

The animation is, again, nothing noteworthy however I do like the pastel colouring and how it's portrayed in a very manga esque style implementing a fair amount of humour. 

Sound, again nothing too noteworthy but all fits in to this big pot of the solid foundation for an anime. 

Now, what really makes this anime stand out is the characters. The characters are unique, lovable and refreshing to watch. Whether you laugh at Sayako's mishaps, Miya-Miya's obscure relationship, Kojiro's failings as a teacher or even Azuma's clumsiness, it's a pleasure to watch these characters from start to finish. I also couldn't help but get especially attached to our quiet and reserved hero, Tamaki Kawazoe as we watch her develop as a person. Being such a shy character being thrust into the kendo team, it's a joy to see her beginning to enjoy herself as she develops friendships from which she never had any before. That and also she's an anime fan (particularly to a power ranger type show, Blade Braver) so that level of understanding just makes her more adorable. 

So in conclusion, the story is good and animation pretty standard, but the characters and their development, included with manga type comedy makes this show a very enjoyable watch. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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