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Acchi Kocchi


Acchi Kocchi is a light-hearted story of the young love between two high school students, Otonashi Io and Miniwa Tsumiki. While not officially a couple, the two are inseparable and are pretty much recognized as a pair by all of their friends. The story is fairly short and is very relaxed, following the day-to-day events of school life and shenanigans of the young couple, along with their group of friends. Because the story is not an elaborate adventure of plot-twists and drama, and at the same time, is only 12 episodes, it would be understandable to predict that it is not a very strong story. However, the innocent romance of the adorable pair portrayed in Acchi Kocchi is more than enough to fill your heart with warmth and joy. In fact, the lack of drama makes the show that much more enjoyable for what it is, as you effortlessly embrace the cuteness of such a pure, sweet romance. As well, the light-hearted comedy incorporated throughout the show will definitely give you a good laugh, but also works to strengthen the connection we see between Io and Tsumiki. While Acchi Kocchi is not so much about the development of the story, it is just an entirely satisfying and sweet story that will either leave you punching the wall to feel manly again, or with an everlasting feeling of “awwww”.




I found the animation of Acchi Kocchi to be very unique and enjoyable. With the use of bright colors, and smooth animation, the show is very pleasing to the eye and expressive to the story as well. It is very engaging and is definitely a great aspect of the show.




Personally, I found that the use of sound in Acchi Kocchi was one of the greatest aspects of the show. First, the voice acting is excellent and definitely fitting to the personality of each character. For example, Io is very soft-spoken and sweet, as is his love for Tsumiki. Furthermore, the music used in the show is beautiful. This includes both the opening/closing themes, as well as the music played throughout. It is sweet and adorable and made me fall in love with the show even more.




The main characters of Acchi Kocchi consist of a group of five friends, including Tsumiki, Io, Hime, Mayoi, and Sakaki. All of these characters have their own distinct personalities that contribute to the show. Starting with the main female protagonist (and the strongest character, in my opinion), Miniwa Tsumiki has somewhat of a ‘tsundere’ attitude. Being fairly shy, when others bring her undying love for Io to attention, she responds somewhat… violently. However, when Io interacts with her, a whole different side of her is shown. It is often expressed that Tsumiki closely resembles a kitten, especially when she is with Io.

Otonashi Io, the main male protagonist, clearly also cares for Tsumiki, but is rather dense in realizing the connection that they have. As mentioned before, he is very soft-spoken and kind. He spends a lot of time with Tsumiki, greeting her with a pat to the head. It also becomes apparent that cats have a strange attraction to him, making Tsumiki’s love for him more understandable… I guess.

The other characters of the group are more involved in the comedy of the show. For example, Hime is one who is mesmerized by the cuteness of the couple, while Mayoi and Sakaki are the extreme pranksters of the group.




Overall, Acchi Kocchi was a great show. The sweet love story was complimented by beautiful animations and light-hearted music, and the character development allowed us to see the adorable compatibility of Io and Tsumiki. I would recommend this show to anyone, especially if you are interested in romance, comedy, or just plain cuteness. This show brought me a lot of joy, without causing me the stress of breaking into a raging fit of crying (i.e. Clannad). It was simply a heart-warming show that greatly exceeded my expectations.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall

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