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I'm a 23 year old anime fan. Ive been watching anime for the last 10 years of my life. I am a USAF Ammo Troop, and I love my job. My brother Overlord01 recommended this site to me. Both of us like the same type's of anime, and we've watched a lot of it together. I own a lot of anime, and watch it in my spare time when im not studying.

Anime is life.

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Bixie Dec 27, 2008

So Salvo, nice to meet you finally. Your Bro has told me a lot about you. I see that you tend to rank anime high as I do and that Gungrave is in your top five. It is in my top 5 as well. You have also watched a lot of anime. I've only been watching anime since Feb. of 2008. Hehe, yes I'm new at this great hobby of ours! Anyways, great taste in what you watch and I hope we can become good friends like Overlord01 (I call him Ovie) and I are.  Well, enjoy your time back home in Texas! 



OverLord01 Jun 2, 2008

Good to hear from you man! I was wondering if you would update your page so that question was answered right there. :)

Yeah I was on here most of the time when you came down for a visit. I couldn't help myself. (laugh)

Well we will talk later on on the phone man and I will see what you added on your page too. 


OverLord01 (your brother) 

OverLord01 Jan 14, 2008

Been wondering about you man! Havn't seen much of you in the forum lately. Well maybe if there is time you can make it back there and post to the people. 


wolfangel87 Jan 5, 2008

It is really great that you could join the forums.  Overord has mentioned you, it is so great that we could al finally meet you!

OverLord01 Jan 5, 2008

Hey There Bro,

It is very cool that you joined Anime-Planet! It is a very cool place and I know you will like it here since I gave you the guided tour when you came down. (he-he)

Don't be afraid to post stuff or reply to posts, I do it all of the time. The people here are very freindly and carefree. Also don't be afraid to join the club a few of us created called "The Sothis Club". Its a way for the poeple of this site to show some graditude to the founder Sothis. Its kinda crazy I know but I enjoy it and a few others do to, so join that if you wish.

Don't be a stranger! See you around the forum.

OverLord01 (your brother)