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I have a huge obsession for anime. Something about it is different from regular cartoons, maybe because of the wide variety. I do enjoy something that has a girl with kick ass powers or skill, such as Elfen Lied and Spice & Wolf. I also love anti-heros. I am always remembering anime that I may have watched, even for just one or two episodes, to add to my list. Although my manga list may be small, I have read a lot, it was just along time ago and I am still remembering old titles that I took out from the library.

Origin: Ontario, Canada

Colour: Lime

Sign: Gemini

School Level: Gratuated with BSc

Age Started Anime: 1997, with Pokemon.

Death Note:

I have watched the whole season just about 5 times or more now, it has to me my overall favorite. I have read the anime as well and like the ending of it much better. After all there is nothing better than an anime with an unrealistic story line is there? It was sad to see L die, and for Light to lose the way he did, which made the anime to short and seemed to end because we ran out of ideas. Even though, it is still my favorite. I have also read the "ova" manga, I don't know what else to call it, but it was very good as well.

Elfen Lied:

A very short anime, but very action packed. It ended rather well and didn't have any "filler" episodes. It had a lot of gore, but all dealt by a kick ass girl (which if you have not found out already is my favorite type). I would have liked it to last longer but it was good. I have also watched it's OVA.

Spice and Wolf:

My most recently watched anime. It was a little on the girly side for me. However Horo (or Holo) did show off her wolf form a few times in the first season she failed to in the second season, this was disappointing. The season season had far less fights and kind of ended off without really finishing. Unless there is a third season, I am disappointed with how it ended.

High School of the Dead:

One of the funniest zombie related show I have watched that is still epic. Though it is a short series and you could easily knock it back in a blink of an eye you will love this and can easily become a favourite.


All of these are good, for the most part. Nothing better than a bunch of giant mech suits at battle. It is kind of epic :) Gundam series have such great story lines too and good voice acting in English and Japanse.

Some more recent notable favourites, since I wrote this ages ago:

Kill La Kill, Future Diary, Another, Bakuman, Akame Ga Kill!, and many more!

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alishere2 says...

Yay! you finally started reading manga online!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

Jul 10, 2012
arc666 says...

My about me is actually very short what takes up the room is my top 10.

Oct 4, 2008
arc666 says...
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Nice avatar.
Sep 29, 2008
Kira666 says...

Dark gory animes rock XD!!!

Death note...the best!!!

Sep 28, 2008
Japanimation says...

that Great lol.

May 1, 2008