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Today's iPod Shuffle! (5/31)

31 MAY

Sorry that you didn't get a shuffle yesterday but as you may know, it was memorial day so I spent it with my family instead of being glued to my computer. So, today you get a top 20 shuffle!


1- "Marukaite Chikyuu ~Piccolina Mix~" By: Daisuke Namikawa

2- "Nichinichiso" By: BONNIE PINK

3- "Under the Moonlight" By: Kotani Kinya

4- "D-tecnolife" By: UVERworld

5- "Yume no Miyako Tokyo Life" By: Akiko Nakagawa

6- "Mebae Drive" By: Marble

7- "Renai Rider" By: Buono!

8- "Asu no Blue Wing" By: Sae

9- "White Tiger" By: Tenpei Sato

10- "Anata ni Kapucchu!" By: Nana Mizuki

11- "Two Ton Paperweight" By: Psycho Stick

12- "Love Call" By: Nao Toyama

13- "Roulette*Roulette" By: Momozuki Academy Class C

14- "Sayonara Solitaire" By: Saeko Chiba

15- "Apple Panic!?" By: Haruka Tomatsu

16- "Hontou no Jibun" By: Buono!

17- "Sugar Baby Love" By: The Rubettes

18- "Virgin Love" By: Furil

19- "Sai wo Fure" By: 2Hearts

20- "Rinbu-revolution" By: Yuuko Meguro



Phew! I think that I see two repeats!


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