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Today's iPod Shuffle! (5/28)

28 MAY

Please don't make mean comments this is only for fun. :/


1- "Ugly Girl" By: Weird Al Yancovich

2- "Hanaji" By: Yuu Kobayashi

3- "I Am NOT a Whore" By: LMFAO

4- "Yume, Hitohira" By: Yuuko Asami

5- "Watashi no Tamago" By: Shugo Chara! Egg

6- "Mebae Drive" By: Marble

7- "Waterfall" By: Eyeshine

8- "Alright! HeartCatch Pretty Cure!" By: Acid=Stone Valley feat. Camry

9- "Baby Baby Love" By: Haruka Tomatsu

10- "Let it Snow" By: Vic Mignogna



Well this one is... unique! O_o


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