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Today's iPod Shuffle! (5/26)

26 MAY

Maybe we should start calling this "Today's Lucky Songs"? XD


1- "My Boy" By: Buono!

2- "Happy Material" By: Mahora Junior Class 3-A

3- "Minna no Peace" By: Afromania

4- "RING MY BELL" By: Mitchy feat. R.Cena

5- "Friends" By: Kappei Yamaguchi

6- "Marukaite Chikyuu ~France~" By: Masaya Onosaka

7- "Renka Tairan" By: Booing Day feat. mi-mi

8- "Honey" By: Chihiro

9- "24 Jikan Aishiteru" By: Yumeria 4

10- "Party Time!" By: Guardians 4


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