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Why are people such dill weeds?!

23 MAY

Okay, so not everyone in the world is perfect, myself included, but do people really need to point out your small flaws?! Take fanfiction.net for example. On my bio I put that I was in the top 14% of my writing; which I took a legiment test for and the results were shared to me by my school's director! And I got two disgustingly rude reviews! One picking out every punctuation mark and small gammar error that I made. Really? Do people really have no lives that they must make rude comments on fanfiction? But I suppose that bullies will be bullies and never get anywhere in life, which is probably why they pick on people in the first place. Because unlike those two losers, I'm actually going to a college next year and making something of myself. They can have their minium wage job at Wal-Mart and I'll take my comfortable job in graphic design and writing novels. And for those of you who also had jerks make nasty comments too, this is for you! Besides I removed the thing in my bio (too much people with the green eyed monster I suppose) and disabled the anonymous reviews, which I always have to delete anyways. This way if I get a review like that I can just block the person so that I never have to deal with them ever again. However I do get very nice reviews that way out the bad ones. And I love each and every person for giving me the nice reviews, you guys really help me get through each day. And thanks to the people who actually read this whole thing and listened to my rant, I feel much better.


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