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  I love watching anime/any type of animation. However most of the series I like to watch have their own atmospheres, and thus are quite broad. I'm rather averse to filler type animes, the generic action/level up with violence without plot (Im ok with action as long as there's a point to it) or a series gets so convoluted the message/meaning of the piece is lost and the audience is left wondering why they started it in the first place. I feel like a good piece should leave the viewer with some type of impression, whether it be warm, relaxed, inspired, contemplative, etc. The best ones leave with a powerful impact, and follows the audience even after it has long ended.

  I think, at least for me, the main reason I love animation is because of the creativity and thought that gets puts into the series, by the people behind the scenes, therefore both plot and characterization are important in a piece, though not always (for example I love Aria simply because it does its job so well, the music and great visuals serve a purpose, and that is to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere, and I can really feel the intentions of the creators who are behind the scenes, of course that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think the point can be made). Lastly, of course good visuals wouldn't hurt, and beautifully animated scenes! 

  Currently I'm pretty into the Iyashikei (or "healing" animes as they're called I believe?) such as Natsume Yuujinchou, Aria, Gingistune, Xxxholic (I think that can be considered one..), Hotarubi no Mori e, anything Studio Ghibli, etc. At this point in my life, im pretty busy, so when I do get a chance to sit down and relax I would really like to watch something sweet and relaxing, to help soothe the mind (I find not only is it a form of entertainment, but serves a practical purpose as well!). Plus, at the risk of sounding somewhat mushy or preachy, I think there's a shortage of media that, to put it simply: is just lacking in kindness. I love seeing a series that subtly incorporates a positive message, especially when dark themes are so prevalent in just about everything (not that I dont like my dose of dark! I love tv shows like Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and Criminal Minds, all of which have characters that are not the happiest in the world....), but now and then something with a sweet and kind message is just about soothing as warm a cup of tea in the middle of winter! Therefore if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations I would love to hear it! I'm always look for more an anime to watch next!

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duchessliz Mar 19, 2014

I think slice of life anime would probably suit your taste too. . .maybe try Gin no Saji, Hanasaku Iroha, Chihayafuru, Usagi Drop, or Tari Tari. . .I think you'd also really enjoy Bakuman as well. . .slice of life anime are more realistic and the six above are all enjoyable. . .Gin no Saji, Bakuman, and Chihayafuru have a lot of comedy aspects as well as some drama while Tari Tari, Usagi Drop, and Hanasaku Iroha are more drama driven but still entertaining and heartwarming. . .

And since you seemed to enjoy Hikaru no Go you should try some other sports anime. . .if you liked the feel of HnG you'll probably really take to the genre. . .I suggest Prince of Tennis, Major, Kuroko no Basket, OverDrive, or Capeta. . .all have moments of triumph and moments of despair. . .there's also great humor in sports anime. . .particularly P.O.T which is honestly one of the funniest anime I've seen.

Also. . .you may also enjoy Mushishi. . .a lot of people who have seen Natsume Yuujinchou recommend this anime. . .but while they are both episodic, slow paced, and have a supernatural twist. . .they are still very different. It took me longer to get into Mushishi than it did Natsume Yuujinchou but by the end I really fell in love with Mushishi too. . .it's slower to win you over but it does. . .and the second season will be starting in April. . .which is a plus! xD

Hope you didn't mind me dumping all the recommendations on you. . .I just noticed that you were still fairly new to anime so I wanted to help give you some suggestions to watch in your spare time. . .if you ever need any more or if you simply feel like chatting feel free to message me.

And before I sign off I just want to say, Welcome to Anime-Planet! :D

xCanaxCherry Jan 20, 2014

Welcome to Anime Planet!